2015 Q3 Earnings Call

2015 Q3 Earnings Call

So, what did you learn from Tesla Motors, Inc. Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call?


Shareholder Letter:

Tâm | 3 novembre 2015

UBS: Model X cancellation?

Deepak: There's a higher conversion rate from Signature Series. But no fundamental issue.

Tâm | 3 novembre 2015

Elon on about delays: Not serious problems such as:

Placement of the seal of a door.

Right trim...

Tâm | 3 novembre 2015

Elon on production:

A few hundred per week next month.

It's exponential ramp.

Tâm | 3 novembre 2015

Elon on parts:

99% parts are ready production, but it's 1% parts that drive the rate.

An you do not know in advance.

carlk | 3 novembre 2015

Few hundreds probably means 200~300. Meanning all sig holders will be getting theirs in December.

Reedmadd | 3 novembre 2015

Why did nobody ask about the lower battery pack for Model X listed in their release??! Some of the questions the analysts ask are ridiculous

Tâm | 3 novembre 2015

Some thought hearing "700" but I listened again at about 5:40, the exact words are:

"We feel,[the sound of knocking on wood twice] very confident, everything else will get to several hundred of vehicles per week by the end of year."

The blog below also heard "several" not "700" in two places:

2:39 pm by Claudia Assis


3:02 pm by Claudia Assis

sbeggs | 3 novembre 2015

I definitely thought he said several, not seven hundred.