.79th Supercharger.........where?

.79th Supercharger.........where?

With the crazy actions in NJ, I can understand why another SC opening seems to be lost. But...someone please post its location so all our distance drivers can use it. Maybe even me!

reitmanr | 11 mars 2014

Another post indicates Plymouth NC. Question answered.

furbrain | 12 mars 2014

I would be happy if an "N" would be listed on the Super Charger list when a new location is opened. Delete it when another new location is opened and place the "N" with that location. Simple.

LMB | 13 mars 2014

(LMB spouse)

The superb map at (thanks, @BlueShift!) has a "Changes" tab that shows what was added when. This map is usually in sync or ahead of Tesla's official map.

furbrain | 13 mars 2014

I go to and all I get is the note for "map options" but the page is blank.. What am I doing wrong???


Brian H | 13 mars 2014

Is javascript for the page enabled? Are you using NoScript?

furbrain | 13 mars 2014

Got it, thanks.