87 or 90 SC stations?

87 or 90 SC stations?

I saw on another forum where someone said there were 90 SC stations in the US. I questioned this. But, then I was looking on the map. I noticed that the Atlanta, GA SC station is not there. So, I counted the SC stations in the list under the map. Low and behold, there are 90 listed.

Why are 3 not on the map? And why are they not in the count?

Brian H | 2 mai 2014

Or high and behold? Lo, some SCs are not on the map!

EQC | 2 mai 2014

Some of the supercharger locations have both a "North" and a "South," for example in Connecticut. Both the N and S sites (which are often on different sides of a major road, and possibly a few miles apart) are listed separately in the list on Tesla's page, but are counted as one.

Could this be the discrepancy.

Also: is the Atlanta, GA supercharger active?

holidayday | 2 mai 2014

Atlanta is not on the active list today. Do you know where it is supposed to be?