Air Suspension Adjustibility

Air Suspension Adjustibility

How about a software update for Air Suspension. We should be able to set the speeds at which it automatically changes from Very High (Below 7 mph) to High (Below 15 mph) to Standard (Below 45 mph) to Low (Over 45 mph). At present it will not hold Very High at even about 5 mph. Has anyone else had any success with adjusting air suspension to automatically go to very high at very low speeds. Can be very handy in clearing concrete curbs in parking lots, speed bumps, etc.

nickjhowe | 16 février 2013

Check out the Prioritized Software Enhancement thread.

David76 | 16 février 2013

Nice that you mention that I like to keep it on low all the time cause it look nicer to me.

that piss me off.

sergiyz | 16 février 2013

I'd add location based adjustment as well, similar to what they did for the garage opener.
I always switch to very high, steep driveway...

lolachampcar | 16 février 2013

I think you will find that the dynamic testing required to make ride height profile changes will prevent Tesla from doing a lot of it. The module itself is probably a Bosch/MB part and not within the realm of Tesla's over the air standard firmware updates.