Albany, NY SC visit

Albany, NY SC visit

All alone yesterday at the new Albany SC. Nice to see bays open with no ICE parking. Of the six charging stations two are signed for "General Parking 30 minutes". I'm not sure just that means. Any thoughts?

MezzaLuna | 25 mai 2014

I saw the same thing at the new E Greenwich Rhode Island SC -- four of the eight stalls had a similarly worded sign. I gather that a non-Tesla could park there for up to 30 minutes, but would be expected to relinquish the spot at that point. The others were clearly marked as Tesla-only. Of course who knows how they actually enforce any of that.

Bighorn | 25 mai 2014

5 of 6 in Mitchell, SD allow time limited general parking.

Anthony J. Parisio | 25 mai 2014

That should mean that any car including a Tesla could only stay there for 30 minutes tops.

amatiych | 25 mai 2014

Any place to eat or have coffee next to this SC?

Bighorn | 25 mai 2014

I don't think the limit applies to cars charging. I think I remember longer limits for charging in AZ or NM. 2 or 3 hours during the day , maybe.

Albany charger is at Colonie Center so food court there. Haven't been there in a couple years so don't know about local restaurants within walking distance or in the mall.

kenj | 25 mai 2014

I think they do this -- so if there is a full parking lot, the usually prime EV spots are not blocked from other customers.

They are prime spots because of the costs to trench the electric to places where most of us usually park -- waaay away from any potential door ding spots.

Red Rover | 25 mai 2014

Food Court on second floor but no coffee that I could find. Closest is Dunkins a couple of miles to the right as you leave the Mall. I'm thinking that the "General Parking" means for Tesla's that aren't charging although I cant see parking there and not using the charger. And why even bother to differentiate the signage at all?

Red Rover | 30 mai 2014