Another Tesla raffle

Another Tesla raffle

This time, it's in Atlanta, Georgia.
3000 ticket sales limit.

Anybody with knowledge care to chime in on whether it's probably or probably not legal for out-of-state entries?

It's interesting this raffle specifies that the winner is responsible for the 28% taxes... be ready to pony up $25,892 in taxes immediately if you win the raffle.

Out4aDuck | 30 juillet 2014

I saw one being raffled a the Firekeepers Casino (Battle Creek) in May.

nagerseth | 31 juillet 2014

If you win, and live in DC, you don't have to pay taxes on it :)

Nuts4MS | 31 juillet 2014

I checked it out and that 28% seems to be separate from the local registration and taxes. Not sure why they need to collect the fair market value and pay it directly to the IRS but it is stated in the last paragraph of the flyer... I would assume if you won the purchase value of the car would only be $100 so the total taxes for the state of VA would be $4.50 lol.

jimenez247 | 31 juillet 2014

Dose not says if being present at time of drawing is necessary. Also since the Tesla will have opti-cot added by a 3rd party, it is safe to assume the car will not get delivery to my home state but will instead need to be picked up in Atlanta?

logicalthinker | 31 juillet 2014

Heh, if you're already hefting out $25,892 for your prize, what's a flight for a couple hundred bucks? :)

I seem to recall that the Oregon school that did a raffle was required legally to pay the taxes. Does this vary from state to state?

I like the Oregon law better. LOL.

Theresa | 31 juillet 2014

I am not sure how the taxes work but if you watch things like Wheel of Fortune (or any other game show) you will see the disclaimer that the winners are responsible for taxes on their winnings. Well maybe you won't see the disclaimer since it is in such small print

David Trushin | 31 juillet 2014

The local solar energy association in Chicago is raffling off a model S and a charging station to go with it. Same kind of deal. $100 a ticket and a limited number of tickets.

logicalthinker | 31 juillet 2014

@David, yep, but that's a $71K Model S, and it's a Bosch (questionable quality) charging station. | 31 juillet 2014

Not quite a raffle, but U.S. Bank is offering "a chance" at a Model S (or $100K) to people opening a new account there.

My wife, who is the primary driver, was shopping at a Sacramento Safeway when someone from the in-store U.S. Bank branch approached her and asked her if she wanted a chance at winning a .... *Tesla*. She told him she wasn't interested, for the best of all possible reasons; probably the first time he had heard that particular turn-down.

logicalthinker | 31 juillet 2014

You know, it's VERY telling when a go-to "Totally compelling" prize offering is the Model S.

People know that people want it.

chad.wood | 1 août 2014

Hi all,

Thanks for sharing the word about this raffle opportunity! This fundraiser benefits a great cause, as we provide youth mentoring to 3,000 children in metro Atlanta on an annual basis with a variety of programs and services (education, health & wellness, financial literacy, and much more.).

I'm managing this raffle at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, and thought I'd address a few questions & comments that cropped up in this thread.

Out of State Entries: Legal to all, unless your particular state laws actively prohibit it. Our raffle is open to anyone 21 years of age or older who possesses a valid U.S. Driver's License.
28% Tax: This is the standard tax on what the IRS terms "gambling winnings," which is invariable and federal (not state-based) and absolutely must be collected and paid before the vehicle is released to the winner. While the expense is not insignificant, it's still 72% less than the actual value of the vehicle. Even so, we understand that not every entrant will be willing or able to make such a payment, so we offer an alternate grand prize of $50,000, winner's choice.
Why is State Tax & Registration Separate? This is because we are open to entries nationwide, and every state treats this process a little differently. For example, if you were to win in GA, the sales tax is a tad north of 6%, but you'd also be eligible for $12,500 in EV income tax incentives.
Do I need to be present to win? Not at all! Because this raffle is open nationwide, we have no such stipulation. You, as the entrant, will receive an assigned ticket number during your purchase, which is nontransferable and associated with you and you alone. If that number is the one drawn--you win! Simple as that. We will then contact you via the information you provided during your registration to let you know that a nicely-equipped S85 is waiting for you...(or $50,000).
Opti-Coat: This feature is actually optional, but strongly recommended. An Atlanta detailer specializing in exotics and high-end vehicles ( ) is providing this service valued at up to $2,000 to the grand prize Model S. Grand Prize Winner choosing the cash prize is not eligible to receive this service.
Do I have to pick it up in Atlanta? That's up to you. It can be shipped, but destination charges are not included with the grand prize, and would then be the winner's responsibility. But what better way to enjoy your new Model S 85 than with a Supercharger road trip?
What's the Grand Prize Model S value, again? $92,470. 85kWh, loads of options, pano roof.
What are ticket prices? $100/each or available in the "S Bundle" of 6 tickets for $500.
Totally compelling. I chose the car, so I'm in complete agreement there. But unfortunately, I can't enter my own raffle, so I'm living vicariously through you, if you choose to enter. Those ineligible to participate: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta employees and board of directors; and employees of Tesla Motors, Inc.
How many tickets will be sold? 3,000. And not one more than that; when we reach that figure, the entries stop and the site closes.
When is the drawing? 11/21/2014. The winner will be notified within 2 business days of the drawing.

I think that covers everything I've seen so far, plus a little extra. Happy to answer any other questions you might have! I can be reached at , or if the question would benefit the group, ask it here and I'll answer.

Thanks again for your interest, and good luck!

Brian H | 1 août 2014

Is the Driver's License necessary for those who opt for the $50K?

chad.wood | 1 août 2014

@Brian--fantastic question, and the first time I've heard it. The rules as written ( seem to indicate that it is, since it's stated as a general prerequisite. But rather than assume and speculate, I've passed this one over to our legal counsel for clarification. Stay tuned...

chad.wood | 13 août 2014

@Brian H - the final word from our legal counsel is that the Grand Prize Winner in this raffle who chooses the $50,000 prize instead of the Tesla Model S is not required to have a driver's license or proof of vehicle insurance. In lieu of these, the winner would need to furnish formal state or federal issued photo proof of identification including age, in addition to social security number as stated elsewhere in the rules.

Thanks for such a great question, and helping us to clarify our rules further, we appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Brian H | 14 août 2014

Glad I could widen your "ticket buyer pool" somewhat!

chad.wood | 25 septembre 2014

Hi folks,

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that this drawing will take place in less than two months, on 11/21/14, and tickets are going fast! Someone will win, and that person will have a very happy Thanksgiving this year. It could be you!

Good luck!


proven | 25 septembre 2014

I could use another MS! | 25 septembre 2014

Someone choosing the $50K option would be suffering from serious mental illness and might not eligible to win.:-))

Nuts4MS | 25 septembre 2014

Has the minimum of 1000 been reached yet? If not how far off is it?

Synapticfire | 28 octobre 2014

I purchased a ticket yesterday, and the ticket number was just past 1000. So I think the threshold has been reached.