anyone with issues with homelink and directdrive (sommer) garage opener

anyone with issues with homelink and directdrive (sommer) garage opener

I got my 70D last week and have been struggling to get the homelink to work.
My garage opener is Directdrice(sommer) made and I believe operates in 310 Mhz range. I have two other cars(BMW and Nissan) with homelinks and 3 physical buttons, and they work like a charm.

With MS, I am having tough time getting the light to flash. If the lights flash, then I cannot get any response after the "LEARN" button has been push. MS says that it is all done, but nothing happens when I click on the home position.

Anyone with any help. Homelink site is useless as it refers to 3 buttons :) Tesla tech support is useless as they refer to homelink tech support who has no clue that Tesla does not have 3 physical buttons.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16 juin 2015

You might try one of these. I replaced my old door opener with a new latest model and it would not program to either of our Tesla's. The 10 year old opener I had to replace programmed just fine to the Tesla's.

After much messing around we added this range repeater and the Tesla's love it. I can open the door from 100 yards.

Just a warning. The remote that comes with the repeater does NOT OPEN THE DOOR. It is only used to train cars, keypads and real remotes to work with the repeater. It is a simple setup if you follow the directions. It works with brands other than Liftmaster. There are also other repeaters available.

Garage door codes and signals have become somewhat randomly bizarre in recent years.

I wish home link would come into this century and allow more than 3 devices. I could use ten.

boozitesla | 17 juin 2015

Interesting that my 2011 BMW and 2012 Nissan both don't need the old remote to program homelink and 2015 Tesla wants it.

If only they could give me access to the 3 buttons on the homelink system through some debug mode, I bet we could programmed it.

Best thing is that when calling homelink support, they keep referring to the 3 buttons for Tesla(even on their website

anyone with more suggestions.

renwo S alset | 17 juin 2015

Somebody at home is trying to tell you something. Please try to keep your marital problems private.

pattymac | 17 juin 2015

I'm sorry to say that I had the exact same issue with a Sommer opener. After hours of frustration, a replaced Homelink transmitter, Tech support calls to Sommer and more hours of frustration, I returned the opener to the home store and bought a Genie. It literally paired with the car in less than a minute.
Clearly there's an issue with Homelink pairing with this opener. Save yourself the hassle and ditch the Sommer. The Genie I ended up with is much faster and just as quiet.

boozitesla | 17 juin 2015

i installed the sommer just a year ago, and not in a mood to do the whole install again. I think I shall try with a repeater and see how it works.

I cannot believe that homelink built anything special for Tesla, just that access to 3 buttons would solve the issue.

It is so simple to pair it with BMW and Nissan that I have.

boozitesla | 21 juin 2015

Finally added a multicode receiver that I got from amazon. It is a a single code receiver(makes my garage less secure) but it works fine.

Search for this on amazon
Multicode - Gate or Garage Door Opener Receiver

You would need to order the remote too and total cost $40. It works and my old remotes work too :)

healy.nicholas | 23 juillet 2015

@ boozitesla

I've had the same experience with my SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener. Won't pair after trying every trick/tip I've read on the forums. On the phone with HomeLink for 45mins+ and was told the issue is being "escalated". My Direct Drive is incredibly quiet and the garage is below the babies room so I really don't want to reinstall another opener. I purchased the Multicode receiver/transmitter from Amazon and was hoping you could tell me how you wired the receiver to the operator terminal on the opener.
White "24V" --> #?
Black "Relay" --> #?
Red "Radio Power --> #?

My Direct Drive operator terminal is organized like this:
#1 - 24V
#2 - GND
#3 - Command (Wall Station)
#4 - Command (Wall Station)
#5 - Photocell (Photo Eyes)
#6 - Photocell (Photo Eyes)

micyekt | 23 juillet 2015

I live in a high rise building.the coded sticker on my windshield for opening the garage door was working with my BMW but not with my new Tesla. Any suggestion why? Thanks

Boxhat1 | 23 juillet 2015

My only problem with Homelink is that it only lets me save 3 slots.

healy.nicholas | 23 juillet 2015

@ boozitesla

Ended up answering my question. For those who are in the same boat, try:

White "24V" --> #2
Black "Relay" --> #4
Red "Radio Power --> #1

Thank you boozitesla for the idea to add a receiver to the Sommer Direct Drive. It works perfectly now.

boozitesla | 23 juillet 2015

Healy, sorry have not visited the forums recently. The wiring was simple as you mentioned.
Anyway the only issue is that our garages are a bit unsecure now since we have a receiver that is not rolling codes.

I hope Tesla fixes it so that I can get rid of the receiver, but for now this solution works

SomeJoe7777 | 9 décembre 2015

Sorry to dig up this old thread, but I have two Sommer Direct Drive units, and like everyone else, they won't work with the Model S's Homelink implementation.

I called Sommer and apparently only the latest version of the Homelink software will drive 310 MHz garage door openers (which is the frequency used by the Sommers). Telsa apparently is using older Homelink code which can only drive 315 MHz door openers.

Above, some people have purchased an external 315 MHz receiver and wired it into the Sommers, which works and allows the Model S to pair with it, but is less secure since the universal external receivers are not rolling code.

However, the Sommer tech support person told me that Sommer makes their own external 315 MHz receiver. It's intended to allow you to use your existing Sommer remotes with a 3rd-party opener, but I'm going to get one and use it to change the frequency of operation of my Sommer units from 310 to 315 MHz, which will allow the Model S to pair. Because the receiver is designed to use the original Sommer remotes, it's apparently rolling code and therefore just as secure as the original radios in the openers. It has two relays in it, so one of the external receivers can be used to drive both openers, and the channels can be independently programmed.

I'll post back here after I get everything installed with the results.

SomeJoe7777 | 16 décembre 2015

Installed the 315 MHz receiver today and wired it to both Sommer garage door units. Works perfectly, Tesla paired with the 315 MHz receiver within 15 seconds for each channel. So I now have Homelink control back in the Tesla for each garage door.

Total cost was only about $85:

2-Channel Contact Closure Radio Receiver -- $50.00 -- Make sure to choose 315 MHz version. One unit can control 2 garage door openers.

2-button Remote -- $24.00 -- Make sure to choose 315 MHz red-button version. You will need this for initially programming the contact closure receiver and programming the Tesla Homelink.

fbarbat.fb | 24 juin 2019

Is the Homelink on Model 3 working with Sommer garage door units now?