"Big design problem" for parents

"Big design problem" for parents

You know, some kids sleep very well on longer car trips, some even on shorter trips, and some never sleep better than in a moving car. I am convinced that this is directly related to the rolling and rocking of the suspension plus the rattle and rumble created by the ICE.

With the Model S, we have a totally silent ride and practically no rock or roll (or so say those who had an opportunity to test ride). Even the more so with the optional air suspension (which I consider for my Model S). Now, how can we get our kids to sleep in this car? Did anybody at Tesla think about it?! It's gonna be a serious problem, fighting between the kids and between parents and kids is bound to occur, and eventually divorces by the dozen may result -- and the Model S has to take the blame just because it's so silent and smooth.

May I suggest that customers with children get a free CD... ah no, doesn't work. An MP3 should be pre-installed that imitates ICE noise (just no smell, please). And the air suspension could have a mode that induces an occasional shock into one direction or the other on a random basis.

What do you think?

(Don't take this thread too seriously, I am just trying to kill some time until I can get my Model S. Although Tesla could maybe offer or include some fun app like that, simply as a tongue-in-cheek gesture for customers with both, kids and humor.)

petero | 3 novembre 2011

Volker, it is nice to see a sense of humor to overcome our anticipation anxieties. I spent many a night taking long drives with my first born. It always seemed to work. If I were to have more kids I would look into a bigger battery.

My problem with the “S’s” quiet, smooth ride will be, my being deprived of my selective hearing excuse. “Sorry Honey I couldn’t hear that due to all the noise.” She, on the other hand, is convinced I need a hearing aide!

Robert.Boston | 3 novembre 2011

Just give the kiddies a double-shot of bourbon before loading them into the car. Works every time!


BYT | 3 novembre 2011

Then they puke and mess up the inside of the car, do you really want that in your new Model S Robert? :)

Robert.Boston | 3 novembre 2011

I guess my kids could handle their liquor. ;-)

Volker.Berlin | 3 novembre 2011

No way. I need the bourbon for myself, without it I'm too afraid of driving!

(me too)

Brant | 3 novembre 2011

I thought it was the carbon monoxide that put them to sleep?

Volker.Berlin | 3 novembre 2011

Darn! I'm afraid that's something we cannot fix with an app...

Mycroft | 3 novembre 2011

Between Benadryl and duct tape, all the bases are covered.

Brian H | 3 novembre 2011

An Austrian ex-pat friend of mine swore that his mother used to handle fussiness and sleeplessness and acting out by him and his older brother with a handy-dandy spray can of chloroform.
Just sayin'.


Mike_ModelS_P457 | 4 novembre 2011

I'd like to register a similar concern relative to the rear-facing third row. With the easy ability to separate kids by a seat back, without the added ability to kick the seat (as seen in most other vehicles), how will they ever learn conflict resolution? Surely Hilary Rodham Clinton would never have been the diplomat she is were it not for her need to negotiate peace with belligerent older siblings while on long car trips in the back of her parent's Chevy!

Also, militarily, can we as a society afford to have children who are unable to fight in a confined space while strapped down by a seat belt? I know I spent hours in my childhood perfecting a sideways kick which was both virtually undefendable and below the sight-line of my parents. This required an opponent to be seated in close quarters (three across the back). With two rows, it is virtually impossible to have an all out rumble with fewer than five children; and I only have two! Are we denying our children the lesson of innovation that may save them in the coming Zombie apocalypse?!

And finally, back to the noise level. How can we, as parents, have conversations we don't want the kids to hear? The ICE noise and sleep inducing motion make it possible to discuss murder, sex, money and how much you hate your kid's best friend with the little ones a mere yardstick away from you!

Tesla needs to think of the CHILDREN!

Volker.Berlin | 4 novembre 2011

@Mike_ModelS_P457, very valid concerns, thank you for pointing that out. Tesla could respond by delivering your Model S without the rear-facing third row, as an option that would be available at additional cost. (Wait a minute... ;-)

Brian H | 6 novembre 2011

For privacy, crank up the sound, especially on the rear speakers. Or get a "white noise" source (used to be able to tune between AM stations for a good loud hiss ...)


NigelM | 7 novembre 2011

Mike, learn another language. Our kid is always keen to know what we're discussing when we switch languages....It stays private and the kid has a motivation to learn! ;-)

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 7 novembre 2011

Alas, my kids are already bi-lingual with the only two languages my wife and I speak. I'm considering a pig-latin like adaptation to Hebrew, but the learning curve will be massive.

speedmind | 7 novembre 2011

Well if it's noise you want you can always produce it with your tongue...

I would strongly suggest however the internal windscreen wipers option for better visibility...

Robert.Boston | 7 novembre 2011

I wonder if Bose could construct a "rear seat noise cancelling sound system" by sampling the sound emitted by the rear seat occupants and carefully constructing the negative sound wave to hit the driver's ears in reverse phase....

EdG | 7 novembre 2011

It would only work for one person - the driver - unless you do it with headphones. The front passenger would get a combination, with the low frequencies dulled more than the high, and some nulls here and there in the audio spectrum.

A wall works better.

Volker.Berlin | 7 novembre 2011

It would only work for one person - the driver

IMO, sufficient. :-) Robert.Boston, that'd safe my life! Thanks for the laugh!

Brian H | 8 novembre 2011

I thought the problem was blanking out the front seat conversation so big ears in the back couldn't hear? The Bose solution might work better for that. If it was sufficiently tunable and precise, it could even be used to block noise from the front passenger seat ...


Volker.Berlin | 8 novembre 2011

I thought the problem was blanking out the front seat conversation so big ears in the back couldn't hear? (Brian H)

If you have been traveling with kids in the back then you should know that the problem exists both ways, albeit for different reasons.

If it was sufficiently tunable and precise, it could even be used to block noise from the front passenger seat ... (Brian H)

Might be worth trying although noise from the passenger seat tends to grow louder when going unnoticed... The same is essentially true for noise from the back row, but the consequences are different. :-P

EdG | 8 novembre 2011

Rather than risk that, it might be wiser to put in an ejection seat. Maybe it can be synchronized by the GPS to occur when passing a local pub.

Volker.Berlin | 16 novembre 2011

The pedaling option that came up in this thread is very desirable and may actually solve a few of the parental problems that have been discussed here...

Volker.Berlin | 14 janvier 2012

Of course, what modern kids everywhere are gonna wanna know is this: "How am I supposed to watch movies when all I have is this window?"

Parents everywhere are gonna wanna know: "Where do the kids barf from the motion sickness that's inevitable with riding backwards?" ;-)

Mycroft | 14 janvier 2012

The kids get to make faces at the following drivers. :)

Brian H | 15 janvier 2012

HUD display for movies?

Brian H | 15 janvier 2012

And yeah, I know "HUD display" is a pleonasm.


Robert.Boston | 15 janvier 2012

@Brian H: ah, yes, the dreaded RAS syndrome!

jordanthompson | 7 août 2012

I think this ICE mp3 option *should* have the carbon monoxide smell - it will help the kids get to sleep faster...

mbcaffe | 7 août 2012

I think tesla should give us a nice squeegee to clean the windows so that we don't have to stop at gas stations. We can stop at starbucks to go the bathroom instead of the smelly gas station.

Brian H | 7 août 2012

CO smell? Ain't none. Which is the problem. The sour ICE exhaust stink is complex hydrocarbons, not CO.

Timo | 7 août 2012

But CO would help to get kids sleep faster...permanently.

Brian H | 8 août 2012

A spray bottle of chloroform is much handier and less final.