Charging location app

Charging location app

I just read of someone at Philly airport bricking their car and having others offer to move the car and charge it or offering charging once the owner got on the road.

Is there a site, service, or app that allows those that are willing to offer charging points to others? I'd think it should be searchable by location that people could plan. There should be an international symbol to point casual drivers in the right direction. There should be on the go GPS and cell phone based search. There should be an acceptable method of payment to describe at cost or for profit enterprises.

If such a thing exists already, I'm willing.

RNB | 11 février 2013

Okay, I see plugshare and Recargo. Does anyone have an idea how expensive it is to get one of these systems installed? It looks like my area has few or no charging access points.

Benz | 12 février 2013


In The Netherlands we have "", I think that this is what you mean. Google it.