Did you notice the cupholders for the 2nd Row Seats?

Did you notice the cupholders for the 2nd Row Seats?

I did!

Red Sage ca us | 30 septembre 2015

I was too busy reading the 'Model X' on the T-bar and thinking it was cool.

HenryT2 | 1 octobre 2015

Yeah, I know everyone thinks it's petty, but just because the Model S is the best car in the world doesn't mean the lack of cupholders in the back wasn't a major oversight. Yeah, a bunch of purist car enthusiasts drive around with a single person in the car except when they briefly allow tourists (who after being properly examined for cleanliness) are allowed to sit quietly to marvel at their car. But some of us actually have families that pile into the car and eat and relax and do what normal people do in cars.

In the Model S, the lack of cupholders was a significant exclusion. In a car that is meant to compete with minivans, it would have been a deal breaker for some.

Red Sage ca us | 1 octobre 2015

I think Elon wanted the cars to have hyperspeed, and figured drink spillage would be too much of a problem. If you're going to stop every three hours to charge for half an hour... Surely you have time to finish drinks while stationary, right?


Actually, Elon just wants to make sure the anti-grav plating and inertial stabilizers being developed by SpaceX are complete before adding the prerequisite 3.5 cupholders per passenger.

milesbb | 1 octobre 2015

Why not cup holders in the doors for the 2nd row seats? Ha Ha.

gfb107 | 1 octobre 2015

Has anyone seen other pictures of these cupholders?

westoaklander | 2 octobre 2015

Has anyone else noted that the X appears to have the same lack of amenities as the S in terms of storage and features like proper cup holders front and rear? Were no women or men with families consulted in the design of the new interior? I love my S but this stuff can be really annoying.

Ankit Mishra | 2 octobre 2015

Where is this snapshot from? Is this a new video?

bobby | 2 octobre 2015

@milesbb: +1! I literally laughed out loud!

I can only speak for myself, but if I'm spending around $140K on a "car", there is NO WAY I'm letting my kids eat or drink in the vehicle. I have four kids, and they all know the rules: no eating or drinking in the expensive cars! (No, we do not take road trips longer than an hour....)


Tâm | 2 octobre 2015


Don't they need gyroscope, upright level control, stability control for those doors' cupholders?

kwshepherd | 2 octobre 2015

Did anyone else notice those wheels, they're not the standard turbine wheel. Less spokes.

aljjr2 | 2 octobre 2015

On the cup holders, one of the people on my test ride actually forgot his bottle of water in the rear cup holder... looks like an extension from the front console.

On the tires, the 21" tires were the ultra-wide, which is speculated as a future option. Don't know. Was not discussed during the event. The official site (according to the Signature holders) indicates the tires are 20 and 22".