Electric Conversions From Tesla?

Electric Conversions From Tesla?

Just sold my wife's corvette a few days ago...I'm going to replace it with a Tesla Roadster.

Here's my question...I drive a Chrysler Prowler. I love that car. I want to know: Could Tesla do an electic conversion on my Prowler and what's a ballpark figure for such a thing?

The Prowler is already very light (though not aerodynamic due to it's retro body style) at only 2,838 pounds.
Can this be done and does Tesla provide a service to do it?

Timo | 10 avril 2011

Tesla doesn't make conversions.

robbie | 10 avril 2011

Thanks Timo, that's kinda what I was afraid of. :(

Vawlkus | 11 avril 2011

There are companies (and kits) out there that can be made to fit, under the right circumstances, but Tesla will likely never offer that service; it's just too specialized to even hope to be profitable.

dsm363 | 12 avril 2011

You'll love the Roadster once you get it and forget about converting your other car. Enjoy.

Tommybeeline | 30 juillet 2011

^agree, the roadster is an amazing car, it would make sence if Tesla sold the motor, batteries, computers, etc, and let the customer deal with the required fabrication needed for installation. Im sure the kit car industry alone would be lining up for a high performance electric drive system

Brian H | 1 août 2011

RU nuts? The margins would suck, and the end results would be totally uncontrollable. I promise you 120% that component/kit sales of Tesla parts will never happen.