Elon keeps promise for automated charging?

Elon keeps promise for automated charging?

Looks like Elon may be keeping his promise to one day have an automated charging system:

Red Sage ca us | 6 août 2015


jjs | 6 août 2015

That's eerie.

socalsam | 6 août 2015

Looks great. But as we all know this is years away still. Hopefully the price is something that makes sense to buy.

carlk | 6 août 2015

This will likely not going to home chargers but only be used at shared chargers. Together with autopilot it would work like leave your car to a valet to charge it.

Red Sage ca us | 6 août 2015


ernie | 6 août 2015

Discouraging to see them wasting their time and resources on such a frivolous task.

vandacca | 6 août 2015

I think @Red Sage is itching to find a name for this new robot. ;-)

aesculus | 6 août 2015

carlk@: I think you are spot on with this but for another purpose. We here complaining from people who go to a supercharger and find all the stalls taken and in some cases, nobody comes back for hours.

With this and auto park, Tesla can automatically sequence cars into the sc and pull them off when they meet your charging criteria thus freeing up the stall. And you don't have to be bothered while shopping at the mall etc.

I have seen some post that they provide a paper on their windshield while charging that gives out their cell number and if someone shows up and has waited awhile they will come and get their car from the stall. So far nobody has taken them up on the offer but its just a matter of time in busy areas the sc are going to be overrun.

carlk | 6 août 2015

@aesculus I agree and that's exactly what I meant. Everyone leaves the car at a staging area. The car will take its turn to go to the charger and goes back to the staging area when done.

In even longer term when there are millions of Tesla on the road there will probably be chargers at every mall or restaurant parking lot. You can just let your car to drop you at the door and go park itself, or go to the charger to fill up when needed. All done without human intervention.

Yes you're right. How lazy can we get.

DonS | 6 août 2015

It is not laziness. It is efficiency. Automated parking and charging can make a huge reduction in the number of chargers needed.

RonaldA | 7 août 2015

Put that on a supercharger between two spots and it could service both and automatically change from one to the other after charging is complete. It would require two spots that run into each other so both charge ports would be accessible from one robot

vandacca | 7 août 2015

I can imagine having a 2nd one of these servicing the front of the vehicle too. Someone has to wash the windows while the car is being charged! :)

vandacca | 7 août 2015

Either way, this is very Tony Stark. I'm sure Elon has one of these to brush his teeth for him in the morning.

carlk | 7 août 2015

There are also rumors floating around that Tesla might supply autonomous car to companies like Uber or even do it on its own platform. The autonomous charging would be necessary for this to work. The snake and the auto open/close charge port door implemented earlier would have been just meanningless gimmicks without the bigger picture in mind.

Red Sage ca us | 7 août 2015

Tony Stark, Reed Richards, or George Jetson...?