Elon Thursday Announcement

Elon Thursday Announcement

Elon tweets:

"Really exciting @TeslaMotors announcement coming on Thursday. Am going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way."

What do you think about this?

Jolinar | 25 mars 2013

Does he wants to increase his position in Tesla and invest more own money?

RNB | 25 mars 2013

So what we need to come up with is a list of boasts, ideas, or concepts he has talked about that would involve him or company investing money.

The one thing in the back of my mind has been battery costs. I recall he talked about the raw material costs, as if he wanted to get closer to those for actual battery costs. So perhaps some purchase of a company in the raw material pipeline?

More chargers?

I recall this kind of thing before, it ended up being a well watched non event...

Any ideas?

olanmills | 25 mars 2013

Nope, he's going to announce the best sun visors in the world that he's been promising. They will come with money stuffed inside.

Or else maybe he's just going to eat money.

Liz in Dallas | 25 mars 2013

He's probably just going to make a bet. "Tesla will deliver 20,000 cars in 2013, or I'll give Coda a million dollars."

Or something to that effect. :)

mike | 25 mars 2013

I'm guessing the announcement is related to the continuing supercharger rollout. Any bets?

Curt Renz | 25 mars 2013

Embedded in Musk’s tweet was, “…am going to put my money where my mouth is…” This seems to imply a personal investment. Thursday is an interesting choice, especially if the announcement is to be made after the market close. A three-day weekend follows, which would give investors extra time to digest the news.

danielccc | 25 mars 2013


I've been hoping Musk would finally put his money where his mouth is. He's never done that before.

Brian H | 25 mars 2013

As I mentioned elsewhere, he's speculated in the past about putting SpaceX and Tesla under one holding co. Since SpaceX constitutes most of Musk's money ...

Vawlkus | 26 mars 2013

Maybe he's planning to buy land to put superchargers on :P

TeslaRocks | 26 mars 2013

What came to my mind when I read it is that Tesla will announce a new model... it's been a little over a year since the model X was announced and they want to introduce one model a year, I think I read somewhere. Other than that I don't have a clue.

DrJ | 26 mars 2013

Likely sales numbers, positive cash flow, making margins, or good first quarter. Tesla's #1 focus right now is showing profitability to shareholders.

titanTesla | 26 mars 2013

I've seen some speculation toward another round of fundraising where he invests a good portion of his own money and Tesla uses the new funds to free themselves from the DOE loan.

frmercado | 26 mars 2013

This calls for a "Call Spread"! :D

Paul Godsmark | 26 mars 2013

I wonder if it could be connected to this, thus far unsubstantiated rumour, that Google are currently prepping a Tesla vehicle with their self-driving car technology?:

Given that the self-driving car is going to transform society when it is certified safe to drive unmanned, then any announcement along these lines will be big news indeed.

moarfish | 26 mars 2013

How about Gen III bluestar ahead of schedule? BMW i3 is coming, Tesla need to be hurry.

Teslation | 26 mars 2013

Your all wrong, Elon is going to announce that he's personally financing sun tanning beds at all supercharger stations, powered by Solar City solar panels. Now you can get a year round tan while you charge your MS, even in wintery states.

JoeFee | 26 mars 2013

Why buy a P85 to let the car drive itself ….. R U K M ?????

TeslaRocks | 27 mars 2013

What's certain is that Elon is holding a lot of us captive, at least part of our minds. New form of marketing, perhaps? Seems to me only something that is design or technology related is worthy of a heads up announcement, not something financial in nature. Autopilot doesn't sound very exciting, actually, and will have almost no demand until you can raise a generation of spoiled non-drivers who never learned to drive because they didn't have to. Too risky for nothing in the meantime.

So I like all the excitement and anticipation, but he should be careful not to sound like old auto manufacturers who promised great technology always about 10 years down the road, just to keep us pacified, patient, and buying. Details about the hyperloop is the other big news event we are waiting for, but I understand Elon is a busy man... which is why he should just clone himself already. Biology might be a fruitful venture for him to participate him, so maybe the big news is that Tesla will clone Elon in order to have a ready supply of Elons to take care of everything he wants to, forever.

GeekEV | 27 mars 2013

> ...maybe the big news is that Tesla will clone Elon...

There ya go! That would also explain the "putting my money where my mouth is". Cloning is not cheap and would indeed directly result in another mouth - hence he put his money where his (new) mouth is...

Brian H | 27 mars 2013

But the clone would take decades to educate and train.

alternatorman | 27 mars 2013

I am so impressed with Tesla's accomplishments.
This car is still in it's infancy I remember the very first Tesla prototype, some made fun of it like it was a novelty but not practical. Now they are practical and will get even more practical as they develop. GO TESLA GO. I'm rooting for ya.

up north | 27 mars 2013

will tesla put there badge on the new mercedes b class electric with a 40 kwh tesla battery pack? will find out tue.

tvntesla | 28 mars 2013

Did I miss a major announcement today? I haven't found any news related to Mr. Musk's tweet.

GeekEV | 28 mars 2013

It was postponed until Tuesday...

Brian H | 29 mars 2013

To avoid end-of quarter distractions. Distracting who, I wonder? Investors, customers, staff, production plant?

angstrom01 | 29 mars 2013

Timing seems suspect. Boeing tests plane with new battery system redesigned in an extremely short period of time to meet FAA requirements. Flies it successfully on Monday March 25th in a 787.

From the Gaurdian:
Robert Mann, founder of airline consultant RW Mann, said it was a positive step that Boeing was testing the 787 but added: "Until there is a conclusive root-cause analysis a lot of folk will be circumspect about the Dreamliner.

"At this point, it is not clear to anyone except Boeing exactly what they are testing. We don't know what the cause of the incidents were. I assume that they are testing the enclosure of the battery bit if it subsequently turns out that that was not where the issuer started, we haven't learnt anything."

And Taipei TImes:
"Boeing declined to provide access to the plane or its facilities before or after the flight."

Also Monday around the time of a very hush hush successful flight:
"Really exciting @TeslaMotors announcement coming on Thursday. Am going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way."

Also Monday, the National Tranportation Safety Board announced a two-day forum in Washington, D.C., on April 11-12, to examine the use of lithium ion batteries in transportation.

Or they're just all unrelated and my mind is pulling conclusions out of thin air like everyone else...

angstrom01 | 29 mars 2013

Or maybe it fits nicely together. Should be interesting either way. Elon was probably just doing some moonlighting as a technical support agent for Boeing's problems.

GeekEV | 29 mars 2013

@angstrom01 - Good observation. That could well be as it would be backing up another of his boasts about when we was touting "we offered to help Boeing"... Would Tuesday get here already?

angstrom01 | 29 mars 2013

@Geek EV Oh...and there was this back in January:

Musk, who is also the CEO of space transport company SpaceX, told Reuters in an email late on Monday that SpaceX battery packs could be helpful for Boeing.

"We fly high capacity lithium ion battery packs in our rockets and spacecraft, which are subject to much higher loads than commercial aircraft and have to function all the way from sea level air pressure to vacuum. We have never had a fire in any production battery pack at either Tesla or SpaceX,"

I'm just glad I invested in September when they announced the SuperChargers. All the up and down speculation in the last month would be unsettling. Certainly hope it is for the shorts. Nothing like betting against a company about to supply energy storage for home, automotive, space and possibly commercial air...on the heals of a sharp upward production/sales curve toward a first profitable quarter announcement in a bull market hitting full stride. If I'm wrong, oh well. If I'm right, I'm thrilled I'm not on the wrong side of history.

Robert22 | 29 mars 2013

Elon has quietly made reference to being on the edge of a "breakthrough in capacitance" during several interviews. Throw that into the speculative hat too.

angstrom01 | 30 mars 2013

Robert, an announcement about super capacitors would be quite unexpected, but not impossible. I know Musk has openly been looking for a team capable of the materials science know how as far back as 2006 (and probably earlier) that could produce a boombox sized super capacitor with the storage density comparable to a li-ion battery of similar size.

If he has successfully assembled that team and managed to keep it under wraps my earlier speculation is absolutely meager by comparison. With each brash comment he makes about it I become more suspect. Elon can be cocky, but usually only when he has the facts to back it up and that goes for the rest of the team he has assembled.

mkdavisphx | 30 mars 2013

It's so obvious, Elon has purchased the rights to the USC Graphene super capacitor technology for Tesla and is setting up production. That also explains why the Supercharger network is not being rolled out as fast as planned, there will be no need for it!

Brian H | 30 mars 2013

No, there's a corporate amalgamation of some kind in the works. Nothing to do with supercapacitors or other technology. Unless he's going whole hog into his electric plane or hyperloop proposals, maybe linking LA and SF with a demo at a fraction the cost and a multiple of the speed and capacity of the CA Train to Nowhere.

zenuk | 30 mars 2013


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angstrom01 | 30 mars 2013

In reference to the prior supercapacitor comment the article I'm thinking of was a 2006 CNN money article referring to "Big Money Plays" for the future. This was 7 years ago and you'll note Khosla Ventures barking up the same tree in another section of the article right after Elon's. Elon's comment after the link in case something should happen to the link.

The New Power Play

The Investor: Elon Musk, co-founder, PayPal

What he's backed: SpaceX, Tesla Motors

What he wants now: As Musk's two most recent investments - in a space rocket and an all-electric sports car - suggest, the 35-year-old entrepreneur likes to think big. So he's intrigued by the promise of a next-generation battery called an ultracapacitor, capable of powering everything from cars to tractors. Unlike chemical batteries, ultracapacitors store energy as an electrical field between a pair of conducting plates. Theoretically, they can be charged in less than a second rather than hours, be recharged repeatedly without sacrificing performance, and far outlast anything now on the market.

"I am convinced that the long-term solution to our energy needs lies with capacitors," Musk says. "You can't beat them for power, and they kick ass on any chemical battery."

Musk would know: He was doing Ph.D. work at Stanford on high-energy capacitors before he helped get PayPal off the ground. At least one startup, EEStor in Texas, and a larger company, Maxwell Technologies in California, are working on ultracapacitors. Yet Musk believes a university-based research group has an equal shot at a commercial breakthrough, since universities are where the most promising research is bubbling up. "The challenge is one of materials science, not money," Musk says.

The team to pull this off, he says, would need expertise in materials science, applied physics, and manufacturing. Musk wants to see a prototype that can power something small, like a boom box. "Make one and show me that it works," Musk says. "Then tell me what's wrong with it and how it can be fixed."

What he'll invest: $4 million over two years for a working prototype

Send your pitch to: -- M.V.C.

danielccc | 31 mars 2013

It's not the hyperloop and not the electric plane. Neither would be Tesla news, just Elon Musk news. His tweet says Tesla. Whatever this is, it has to be about Tesla funding, models, or technology.

TeslaRocks | 1 avril 2013

I agree, danielccc. Or also plans to clone key Tesla people. Or more likely, opening Tesla restaurants near superchargers... that would put money where our mouths are, wouldn't it. If it's a new restaurant chain, it's likely the "kale-eating overlord of Mars" (as per an article a few months ago) will have kale on the menu. Or if not, then maybe a garden near each supercharger. It's spring, after all, time to start gardening. Food has got to be involved, I think.

TeslaRocks | 1 avril 2013

Because you know a restaurant beside a supercharger would be an excellent, although long-term, business move, the kind Elon the visionary deals in, the way commodity traders deal in oil or frozen concentrated orange juice. Tesla would be uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity, since it creates the opportunity when it decides on a new supercharger location. To top it off, Tesla customers are wealthier than average, eager to support the cause and the brand, and nearly captive while their car is charging.

Brian H | 1 avril 2013

Restaurants? Not even close.

negarholger | 1 avril 2013

Not even close for sure. But wouldn't that be a nice idea? A restaurant chain with an advertising TV show Gordon Ramsey whipping Brian & others into super charged Marsian vegan shape. I would watch and super charge.

Starling75 | 1 avril 2013

I would expect announcement of partnership of Ric Kaner / Maher El-Kady and Tesla motors.
Development and manufacturing of graphene ultracapacitors.

shop | 1 avril 2013
up north | 1 avril 2013

so how is this information comming to us on tuesday, blog, tweet, or event, and from where.

GeekEV | 1 avril 2013

@up north - It's all there in the press release @shop linked to...

Benz | 1 avril 2013

How important will this announcement be for the future of Tesla Motors? I think it will be very important. And it is positive news. I hope it will be some technological news (regarding batteries and/or superchargers).

On the other hand, it might also be economical/financial news. Maybe another company is involved in this (Daimler/Toyota/GM)?

20 hours to go

Brian H | 1 avril 2013

I still think it has to do with leveraging a TM-SpaceX connection, probably run as a holding company based on Elon's shareholdings and option warrants, etc. Synergy plus, and it involves Elon's money and mouth, and is more important than Q1 profits.

shop | 1 avril 2013

My guess is that Elon is investing in some promising energy storage company, and Tesla has exclusive rights to it for EVs. That would fit the long term aspect of it, money invested, and Tesla benefit.

rlarno | 2 avril 2013

Is TM the 'global oem car manufacturer' that Phinergy is alluding to?

Benz | 2 avril 2013

Drinking water as fuel.

Do I want to believe this? Yes.

But wait a minute, is this really possible?

Have other scientists in the US not thought of this?

It is just too good to be true (but still I hope it is true).

The question is indeed: "which global oem car manufacturer"?

brian.robards | 2 avril 2013

Tesla will Partnership with Walmart to develop shopping centers around the Supercharger network. This will give Tesla customers something to do as they cars are charging, and the green energy aspect will align with WalMarts sustainability goals.