Falcon doors will harm sale of Model X

Falcon doors will harm sale of Model X

I want be wrong but I have impression that falcon wing will harm sale of Model X, better if tesla have backup with some 'standard' doors...

kerogre256 | 2 octobre 2015

I want as well see video of people opening falcon door in heavy rain, and how it look inside after...

Ankit Mishra | 2 octobre 2015

FWD form the base of the idea that is X which was created to be a car of extraordinary utility. Normal doors don't work for that as they allow very little space. In my opinion FWD will make the normal doors outdated and other car manufacturers will feel the pressure.
In my opinion there wont be a X without FWD, just like there wont be a Tesla without batteries. (My guess)

Pbfoot | 2 octobre 2015

@kerogre256: Since the doors hang over the opening, wouldn't you think there would be less rainfall onto the passengers? I've never understood why people are concerned about rain with the FWD. It's not like standard doors and interiors don't get wet when they're open and it's raining. With the FWD, once doors are open you can stand underneath without getting wet, whereas with regular doors you're getting wet until you duck your head and body into the car. Obviously, just like with rear hatchback doors, there's got to be some kind of channel around the seals so any water flowing off the doors will go into a draining pathway, not into the car.

FelixMendeldog | 2 octobre 2015

“I want be wrong but I have impression that falcon wing will harm sale of Model X, better if tesla have backup with some 'standard' doors...” – kerogre256

You get your wish; you are wrong LOL

I will say this though: they appear to be slow. I do /everything/ faster than these damn self opening/closing doors/hatches etc.

Madatgascar | 2 octobre 2015

This has been discussed exhaustively here over the past year or so. There have been a lot of skeptics out there. I noticed that in the last few days, after Elon demonstrated how well they worked for tight parking spaces, there were a lot of people saying "why can't the front doors be FWD too?"

IMO rain is no big deal. It would be nice to stand under the cover of the door while opening an umbrella. Snow and ice on the roof would be a pain though. Opening speed is also an issue - six seconds each way is an eternity for the type A parents in our school drop off line.

Time will tell. If it does not go over well, or if there are excessive service issues, I don't think engineering a normal swinging door alternate would be as big a deal as some say.

carlk | 2 octobre 2015

C'mon. It's a done deal and it's the greatest feature on the X that everyone is talking about. It will help sell tons of X just like the 17" screen did for the S.

Son of a Gunn | 2 octobre 2015

@kerogre256, yes, that opinion is now history. Wing doors are here to stay and they look and work great. Form and function exceeded expectations.

SamO | 2 octobre 2015

The doors have two speeds:

1. All clear speed. No obstructions. Fast movement.

2. Obstructions present. Slower movement.

Theses are two distinct operations.

vperl | 2 octobre 2015

If you dislike the doors there is a obvious option.

Buy a KIA

BE happy

LesGreen | 2 octobre 2015

I don't dislike the doors, I think there are a pretty nice feature. I just hoping to see if anyone knows if the FWD windows are operational or not.

Remnant | 2 octobre 2015

@ kerogre256 (October 2, 2015)

<< I want be wrong but I have impression that falcon wing will harm sale of Model X, ... >>

The FW doors are OK to get into the space behind the front seats, but if you're parked in a tight space, how do you get into the driver's seat? Does it swivel?

LesGreen | 2 octobre 2015

@kerogre256 - I think I would step in over the console to get to the drivers seat and hope that my legs can get in under the steering wheel.

Also, for those who are seeing themselves being in tight spaces all the time, maybe it's time to consider parking on the far side of the parking lot.......

eric.zucker | 2 octobre 2015

Falcon Wings are a flagship feature of the Model X. It is a little exuberant, and will clearly attract attention. I think they will prove convenient, and are not obvious until open. There will not be a Model X without Falcon Wing rear doors. They are an asset, not a liability.

carlk | 2 octobre 2015

The X is an instant hit on the internet a large part of it is because of the FWD. Pretty much everyone is talking or showing the FWD. Nothing negative about it was ever mentioned after Elon's demostration. It's been seen as a technology tour de force and reaffirmed Tesla's innovative root with comments like only Elon is able to give us this.

A coworker who has been a German car aficionado for a long time and owned nothing but BMW's or Audi's used to come by gossiping and talking with me about (German) cars. She always joking when I'm going to get tired of my Cayman S so she could take it over. She stopped doing that when I told her I was going to get a Model S about two years ago. Then came the day after the X unveiling she stopped me on the hallway and asking me how I think about my Tesla, the first time she ever asked that. It turned out she was thinking about replacing their 7 series with the X. What is even more surprising it she started to lamant on BMW and Porsche, in particular the Cayenne (what a lousy car). Anyone who has one of those small pet peeves with the X (or S) should go take a look around to see if there is anything else you can buy that even come close in the overall package.

aesculus | 2 octobre 2015

At the reveal the FWD were either seen as positive or neutral by everyone I talked to. Nobody stated they were going to cancel after seeing them in action that I talked to. At worst they were deemed to be Elon's passion and that was just one of the 'buyins' for getting the MX.

Some were concerned about the slowness, maintenance issues, exposure etc but that they could all live with it. Note it's not like this was a surprise feature either. It has been around since day one and most likely the first thing people noticed about the cars.

rlwrw | 2 octobre 2015

I'm use to wind driven monsoonal rain. No style of door is going to shelter against that.

deeageux | 2 octobre 2015

Including China/Hong Kong FWD will greatly increase global sales of Model X.

No WASPy aversion to flaunting your wealth in the Middle Kingdom.

DonS | 2 octobre 2015

I still cannot believe how many people complain about the falcon wing doors with obviously never having experienced them, or similar gull wing doors. The weather and clearance concerns are just plain wrong. Finally, enough video of the doors opening is starting to turn the tide the clearance complaint.

The two non-imaginary negatives of the falcon wing doors are the lack of roof cargo space and manufacturing cost. Some people will not purchase a Model X because they need a roof rack for that kayak or cargo box. I doubt the falcon wing doors will appear on cheaper models because the hardware to lift a door costs significantly more the simple hinges to swing a door, and every penny counts in mass production.

carlk | 2 octobre 2015


Agreed. Whether it's at the middle school parking lot when a mom is picking up kids or at Beijing street when a chauffeur is picking up the boss, everyone who saw the FWD open to present the magnificent seat nearby and does not own the car will want one.

Tâm | 2 octobre 2015

To put this issue to rest, please participate the poll at:


Tâm | 2 octobre 2015

Put in your bets right now please.

Currently, anti-Falcons are leading the poll at 60%:40%

When should I close the poll?

Regardless of the time, it will automatically close down once 100 responses are reached.

dlake | 2 octobre 2015

I was talking to a friend about the falcon wing doors and he questioned their reliability. Will they always latch? What if one of the 4 hinges gets stuck or malfunctions. Of course I told him that Tesla would immediately repair it. People often question the reliability of "fancy" technology.

Does anyone know if the falcon wing doors are manually moveable/closable/openable in case of a malfunction?

Tâm | 2 octobre 2015


That's a very good question!

Someone needs to grab a manual fast!

In the meantime, will this hand crank tool work?

carlk | 2 octobre 2015

@Tam That's not the way to do a survey. Voluntary instead of randomly assigned polls can be very biased since people with one opinion may be more willing to take the survey than people with the other opinion.

On the other hand. Every review I saw when jounalist got access of the demo car or saw Elon's demo has nothing but praise of the FWD.

dlake | 2 octobre 2015

LOL! Can you imagine those nasty, oily, greasy gloves on the white leather seats?

I suspect the falcon wing doors are manually moveable and latchable, but would like confirmation.

Tâm | 2 octobre 2015


I am in complete agreement with you about non-scientific poll.

However, it can be a good tool to measure how hot the issue is.

If it is hot, the poll should reach its limit and close in same day.

If it is not would linger on for days, weeks or months.

And if you can see there is a vast difference between the 2 sides, it could signal how passionate and influential that side can be.

The poll results can be tracked at:

Ankit Mishra | 2 octobre 2015

It really strange that people are questioning the very fabric of the car, the base on which it was built. Its asking Tesla to not have its own will and just built what they want. Tesla has a unique personality, it will push boundaries. The opinion of people wont matter. (My opinion)
It also contradicts the logic that is being used in the recent ongoing discontent- The prototype was different.
Well, prototype had FWD and people submitted deposits on that.

carlk | 2 octobre 2015

@Ankit Mishra

Well, prototype had FWD and people submitted deposits on that.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Not to mention the production version is way better than what people expected from the prototype. So what kind of people would say they canceled the reservation (only) because of the FWD? Trolls? Liers? Or brain dead people? I'm totally lost.

Batman | 2 octobre 2015

I think the falcon doors are beautiful and very practical. This car has everything I wanted. Super safe, smooth and quite. Autopilot, large air filter, large windshield. Even the second row seats, - I love the fact that they move forward instead of folding down. Folding seats are usually compromised in one way or another.

I can't wait to get my Model X.

aesculus | 2 octobre 2015

I think its an added and nice feature. It is not what drives me to the car but I certainly think its a positive attribute.

Red Sage ca us | 3 octobre 2015

I suspect that Tesla Motors could probably move 30,000 of the Model X in Los Angeles County alone, every year, for the duration of the design, if they want.