Finally :-)

Finally :-)

Finally, after waiting since May 24, received notification that
"The Tesla Factory is building your Model S".
Delivery expected in early August in Toronto. .....:-)

Red Sage ca us | 18 juillet 2014


jjs | 18 juillet 2014


Webcrawler | 18 juillet 2014


Getting closer, time slowing down even more now...

TechPreacher | 18 juillet 2014

Congrats. I think your August will be all kinds of awesome...
I regret having chosen the Valerian steel finish as they are still sourcing parts since early May and delivery is estimated for October... ;)

karmamule | 18 juillet 2014

Wow, I also confirmed on May 24th and have to wait until 2nd week of September or so. Good for you! Can't wait to hear your first reactions. :)

hcrk | 18 juillet 2014

Very interesting experience :-) I returned my 5th Mercedes S Class (Leased) in June & have can honestly say that I am way way more excited about this arrival than I was with any of my previous Cars. | 18 juillet 2014

"can honestly say that I am way way more excited about this arrival than I was with any of my previous Cars"

With good reason-- this will far exceed your previous driving experiences-- Enjoy

reitmanr | 18 juillet 2014

You are in for a treat! Enjoy!

sbeggs | 18 juillet 2014

Excellent! Just in time to enjoy some good weather driving! Congratulations in advance.

Fordy | 18 juillet 2014

Remember it well, the days passing like kidney stones....

hcrk | 19 juillet 2014

Wow!!! After only 3 days after receiving notice that my MS is in production, just noted this on my dashboard:
Model S
Production Complete
Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery.
Now wondering just how long it will take to deliver to Toronto...
Very exciting...
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

socalsam | 19 juillet 2014

I'm in the same boat. My car is being prepared for pick up and delivery. Scheduled for July 28.

Captain_Zap | 19 juillet 2014

They must have been trying to ship as many as they could before the factory shut down. Congrats!

arldent3300 | 19 juillet 2014

Congrats hcrk. Almost there, how exciting isn't it?

Scheduled to take delivery of my P85 on 7/23. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. This car is SOOOOO different from any that I have ever had, and am actually worry that I might accidentally "program" it incorrectly or something...Silly I know, but, wow, I could not believe it that I am actually getting one! I was excited about the MB and the Lexus, but NOT this EXCITED ;)))))))))))) I hope Nick Howe's book will be here by Monday...wonder what is taking so long. Driving my wife and kids crazy with my new "obsession" LOL