Forget the vanity mirrors, crap holders and reading lights where are our manual window cranks?

Forget the vanity mirrors, crap holders and reading lights where are our manual window cranks?

I’m afraid Tesla has completely missed the mark on this one. As I have continued to pore (thanks Brian H :) :p ;-) :}) over these forums I find it hard to believe there has been no feedback on the complete lack of interior window cranks?! These can be found in all luxury cars from BMW to Mercedes and even sub $20k models such as the previously mentioned Yugo. Before you tell me this is old technology, picture this: inclusion of window cranks and 4 regeneration systems can eliminate two of Tesla’s biggest issues. The first is range anxiety or even potential “bricking.” Is your battery level getting a little too low for comfort? Simply release the pin in the passenger side window crank and let junior start cranking away and regenerating power. If junior happens to be your 6’-2” nephew he will certainly have to lean into it, thus eliminating any rear seat headroom issues. Just like that two major issues solved!
The last item that seems to have been completely ignored is a detailed discussion about the floor mats. In the words of Super Dave Osborne, if they aren’t “Genuine Saskatchewan Sealskin” I’m afraid I will have to pass on the Model S.

ETTA (Estimated Time of Tesla Arrival) less than two months.

I simply can’t wait.

Timo | 6 août 2012

LOL :-D. Thank you, I needed that.

Volker.Berlin | 6 août 2012

Amos, you are so right! But the window cranks are not the only omission. Here are some more serious problems:

TikiMan | 6 août 2012

LOL... I was just reminded of that comedy movie "The Delemma", where actor Kevin James character invents an external audio system for a new GM car that lacks the massive-engine sound that everyone expects a fast car to sound like.

I am sure that will be the next major issue someone will have with this car... i.e. " It doesn't sound fast enough!"

Brian H | 6 août 2012

Lots of pipples misspell "dilemma" like that, but the movie got it right. It's "The Dilemma".

Docrob | 6 août 2012

I love the idea of maybe a couple of dynamo linked pedals that can be plugged into the floor in the backseats, you could show the power produced on the centre screen and have the kids compete, it would generate a little power for a long trip, give the kids a game for a while and then exhaust them so they sleep the rest of the way.

jbunn | 6 août 2012

Back when grandpappy was a sprite auto-mobiles had a hand crank in front for these things. Was a great improvement over oxen powet.

Volker.Berlin | 7 août 2012

I love the idea of maybe a couple of dynamo linked pedals that can be plugged into the floor in the backseats [...] (Docrob)

Who needs a Model S when you can have a TWIKE? ;-)

jerry3 | 7 août 2012


Actually not so long ago. Both my 1965 DS-21 and 1972 Land-Rover Series III had hand cranks.

jbunn | 7 août 2012

Good lord! What was trying to crank a land rover like?

Teoatawki | 7 août 2012

I hope that the Land Rover crank was for a last resort if you were stranded on the African savannah!

Vawlkus | 7 août 2012

The only crank Model S needs is the one that started this thread :P

jerry3 | 7 août 2012


It was possible :-) but more often I parked on a hill so coast-starting was the preferred method.

Volker.Berlin | 7 août 2012

jerry3, reminds me of the difference between uphauling the sail and a water start in windsurfing. :-)

MarkV | 7 août 2012


I still have a car (1937 Chevy Coupe)that has a hand crank backup system for a dead battery. I used the crank a lot when in High School. I also preferred coast starting. Doing so in reverse was a little tricky.

Brian H | 7 août 2012

Did that really work? I was always told reverse rolling starts were impossible ...

Or maybe ... I have vague memories of succeeding with a Civic once upon a time ...

David70 | 7 août 2012

If I had a long enough slope, I always found it easier to get started in second gear. Too likely to skid the tires in reverse.

Brian H | 7 août 2012

Yeah, 2nd's definitely easiest. I think I had to really play the clutch to make that reverse start ...

MarkV | 8 août 2012

Yes, reverse gearing is normally lower than forward and would skid the tires on loose ground and yes second gear was my gear of choice as well. I still have the habit of parking facing downhill if at all possible.