Free Tesla Guest/Valet/Car Wash app

Free Tesla Guest/Valet/Car Wash app

While Tesla has stated informally that a Valet mode will be in a future software release, I wrote up a more comprehensive desired feature at:

Since I expect it may be many months before such a feature arrives, I created a new app (via the browser) to provide simplified and basic driving instructions in English and Spanish for three situations – a guest driver, a valet, and when going through a car wash tunnel (yes, not recommended, but many will do it). Operations were tested with 4.2 software, but should be applicable to older versions.

For the car wash, it also reminds you to set the ride height, and has extra instructions on how to set the car in Neutral when you need to have the car pulled through the car wash.

If you save the link below as a favorite, it will remember the last choice, and go right to that page when you click on the saved favorite.

The Spanish is only a Google translation, so I’m having it reviewed for errors and improvements.

All of this is really a band-aid, until an easier functions are implemented by Tesla (i.e. one-button car-wash ride-height adjust and Neutral button?). For those who want additional languages, I would hope this app will no longer be needed by the time Tesla shipments are made to Europe and Asia.

The buttons purposely remain in English. My thought is the buttons are pressed by the car owner for the intended user, and only the instructions below the buttons can be set to Spanish.


Randal Taylor | 26 janvier 2013

Well done! Looks great. I haven't had time to go over it but this will come in handy for those times we need it.

yoda | 26 janvier 2013

Yes, the car has stalks, but petals? - it does not.

nickjhowe | 26 janvier 2013

@Frank2 - this is great, but one correction. When you get in the car the instruments light up and various things happen, but strictly speaking the car is still 'off' - it says so on the dash. You need to press the brake pedal to turn the car on. | 26 janvier 2013

Hey, at least it was spell checked :). Ok, we now have pedals instead of flowers (petals), and tweaked the text to press the brake pedal.

yoda | 26 janvier 2013

JK - this is really good, and will be helpful. Thanks !