Front seat

Front seat

In most video’s I see of the model S, I noticed that the seat of the front seat looks worn-out. I don’t know the correct word in English (google translate gives several options) but I think they are called creases. It looks like the leather of the seat has expanded in the middle and is not tight over the seat anymore.
Does any of you lucky model s owners noticed this as well ?

Timo | 3 octobre 2012

I think that was one of the things they have worked to correct and one of the reasons for the delay.

steven.maes | 3 octobre 2012

So the new delivered cars shouldn't have this issue anymore. Can anyone with a recent delivery confirm this?

gimp_dad | 3 octobre 2012

Definitely no creasing, wrinkling, stretching or sagging in the leather on my seats. I have now had the car for a grand total of 2 months and 2000 miles so it's not like it has seen heavy use but not even a hint of what the seats looked like in the demo units. Mine is a performance model and I don't know how much that affects the material on the seats.

stevenmaifert | 3 octobre 2012

This was pretty evident in the Get Amped test drive vehicles. I hope they are working on it.

Steve841 | 3 octobre 2012

Are you sure you didnt catch a view of the alcantera inserts? Which would appear a dull areas?

mrspaghetti | 3 octobre 2012

I am reassured by gimp_dad's comment

steven.maes | 3 octobre 2012

Thanks Gimp_dad, really helpfull !

vouteb | 4 octobre 2012

Gimp-dad send some real time outside/inside pictures!(please)