Getting involved in Sales

Getting involved in Sales

I would appreciate hearing from anyone in sales. I am very interested in playing a part in helping the masses understand and appreciate Tesla and in creating a positive buying experience. Some questions: Are there plans for additional Tesla stores in New Jersey? How does the sales role differ from that of a conventional dealership? What is a typical day like promoting Tesla? What is the earning potential?

I am not a tech person but I think the Model S is awesome and believe in the Tesla mission. I get tremendous energy connecting with people.

Any insights would be great. Thank you.

Brian H | 30 juin 2013

Non-commissioned company employees do all the selling. I doubt the earnings potential is very impressive.

Benz | 30 juin 2013

@ Monsieur R

It's good that you believe in the Tesla mission. Talk to other people, tell them what you know, and ask them to go and visit a Tesla store. Thank you for doing that.

By the way, have you already signed the petition?