Got my "Model S" paperwork (on a Sunday)

Got my "Model S" paperwork (on a Sunday)


They are really pumping these out... One question on it though, the paperwork states it includes estimates for fees and taxes - however, it shows $0 for all of that. I know that can't be right, sales tax in PA is 6%. So is this on oversight on thier part or is this standard fare (ie: only estimate for CA)?

andrigtmiller | 20 janvier 2013

My paperwork had sales tax on it and I am in Colorado. I am not sure what others have experience.

gregv64 | 20 janvier 2013

In some states you need to register it yourself and pay sales text then. Ask Tesla what the deal is, there's a phone number and email address on the paperwork.

tsx_5 | 20 janvier 2013


I would... But it's Sunday.

Carefree | 20 janvier 2013

In AZ we don't get the tax estimates either on the paper work. We have to register the cars ourselves and then pay the sales tax in person. AZ needs to wake up and realize that this is the 21st century.

Brian H | 20 janvier 2013

try anyway. Sunday is a workday when necessary at TM.

noel.smyth | 20 janvier 2013

tsx, when you live in pa and purchase car in another state, they do not charge you sales tax, you will pay that when you register the car in pa.

Curmudgeon | 20 janvier 2013

I got my paperwork today.
vin 3812
no tax in Oregon
$273 Registration, Transfer and Titling Fees
$7 California Tire Fee

tsx_5 | 20 janvier 2013

Thanks everyone...

I emailed them back, haven't heard anything - but noei.smyth seems to be on top of it (I haven't bought a vehicle in PA before).

jat | 21 janvier 2013

In Georgia I had to go to the State Department of Revenue and pay the sales tax there, then take the receipt to the tag office to apply for the title and tag.

Brian H | 21 janvier 2013

Tesla tag. You're It! ;)

How hard would it be to put a kind of ATM at the tag office to pay the sales tax? >:(

tsx_5 | 21 janvier 2013

Talked to a Telsa Rep today - while he didn't seem to know a lot, he did confirm that the $0 was due to what noei.smyth explained. It would have been nice to include a note about that somewhere... I would have saved a post and phone call (that's time taken away from running the 60' of 6/3 wiring for my outlet!).