Green vs Sequoia Green

Green vs Sequoia Green

After the Design Studio update a few weeks ago, the paint color named "Sequoia Green" was replaced with the simple and uninspired "Green". It may be my eyesight (or the notoriously difficult job of conveying colors on a computer monitor), but the color itself seems to have changed from a gorgeous deep forest green to a somewhat-sickly olive hue.

Has anyone seen a green Model S in person, and if so, what was your impression?


Pittsburgh, PA

Schlermie | 26 avril 2012

I haven't seen a green Model S in person, but I did take the green paint chip out into the sunshine one day. I'd say the somewhat-sickly olive hue is more accurate. Disparaging remarks aside, it still looked pretty good. Since everyone seems to be getting white, black, silver or blue, the green is still on my short list of options.

JakeP | 26 avril 2012

Thanks much Schlermie. I had better go see that color in person before I make my final decision. I was definitely sold on the Sequoia green, but I am not so sure about this more yellowish hue.

Unfortunately I have *plenty* of time left to decide!

Brian H | 26 avril 2012


Start collecting wraps with a range of solids, paisleys, plaids, etc. while you wait...

TonyF | 27 avril 2012

Did the brown change too? It was formerly described in this forum by a reservation holder as 'metallic root beer', but more recently it was described by a Tesla rep to me as 'copper'. I hope the brown didn't change too much from the metallic root beer. Can anyone who has seen brown on a car or on a paint chip tell me what that color looks like to them?

clea | 27 avril 2012


Robert Boston over at TMC commented that it could be described as being similar to the Porsche's Macadamia metallic.

JakeP | 27 avril 2012

Thanks for the link Clea, I really like what Robert Boston had to say about the Sequoia Green...very encouraging:

"Again in full sunlight, Sequoia Green really sparkles. It avoids shading over to either blue or to yellow. Very handsome -- still my favorite. Based on what I saw, my order today would be green with tan leather and lacewood trim."

Interesting that he says it doesn't lean towards yellow or blue...perhaps it is just difficult to capture properly in the Design Studio.

Cannot wait to see it with my own eyes!

Schlermie | 27 avril 2012


I brought the brown paint chip into the sunlight as well, and it was obviously lighter than the original dark brown hue they had on the design studio. I wouldn't go so far as to describe is copper though. I would second the opinion that it's similar to the Porsche Macadamia Metallic. I really hope we get a good variety of blue, green, brown and red vehicles on the road. They're all very slick colors for the Model S.

DallasTxModelS | 27 avril 2012

as was Tiberon and Monterey now they are just blue and grey

TonyF | 28 avril 2012

@ clea & Schlermie - thanks for the information. The 'Macadamia Metallic' looked really nice in the photos of the Porsche.

petero | 28 avril 2012

TonyF. Yes, it seems the brown has changed. My wife and I liked the brown at Fremont. A couple of weeks ago we visited the Newport Beach, CA, showroom and noticed the brown was not as vibrant and had a lot of gray (grey) in it and seemed washed out to us. I would not describe the color as copper.

P.S. Every color looks good on a Porsche! My opinion.

DallasTxModelS | 29 avril 2012

I really don't care what they are called as long as it's the color I expected when it arrives. The colors on the Design Studio online are not WYSIWYG. I'm trying to decide between Blue and Grey. But I wont know which until I get to see the painted panels when I visit the Dania Beach, FL store in November. Both colors as well as Brown and Green all appear nearly black on the screen when shown on the car mockup. They also print that way on a color printer as well.

JakeP | 29 avril 2012

It still surprises me that they took the names away. Besides just sounding cool, they also serve as a mechanism to distinguish different shades as the company alters its color palette offerings over the years. BMW can offer Monaco Blue, Montego Blue, or Luna Seca Blue in different years or on different models, but Monaco blue never changes year to year, and I know what to order when I am looking for a touch-up bottle. Even a silver Porsche isn't just silver, it is likely Arctic Silver Metallic.

I'm still trying to see if I saved any JPEGs from 2011 to see if the green really was a bluer shade of green, or if it is just my imagination that it looks much more yellowy now.

I may stop by the NYC store next Sunday to see the panels in person.

Brian H | 30 avril 2012

try downloading an image, and fiddle with contrast and brightness in a graphics program. May give it a try later.

bsimoes | 10 juin 2012

Now that the names are back with the colors, has anyone seen the Sequoia Green? I would be curious to hear others' thoughts about how much blue or yellow is in it. I'm hoping for a forest green and really would be disappointed if it had a lot of yellow as in an olive green.

Epley | 11 juin 2012


I have seen the green on the mockups in the local store: it's a dark forest green, more on the black side than the yellow side. It's a rich, nice color.

I'm a bit bummed that my sig doesn't allow me to choose the green or, my favorite, the blue.

bsimoes | 12 juin 2012

Yay! Volker, you made my day! I was hoping for the forest green.