Heads up display?

Heads up display?

Any thoughts about a heads up display for model X?

runonmd1 | 10 juillet 2014

It may be in the works.

As an aside, I once made the "heads up" error, and was corrected by a fellow poster, who noted that it's actually "head up."

rmoy88 | 10 juillet 2014

? head up. what are you talking about.
Please explain.

Tâm | 10 juillet 2014


I think this is what they are talking about:

Your speed is projected on to this windshield to your right.

It can project ID and info of the car in front on your windshield.

If you are bored, it can project a ghost or traffic cones on your shield for you to catch.

Brian H | 11 juillet 2014

HUD - Noun
HUD (plural HUDs)
1.(technology) Acronym of head-up display.

NOT "Heads up". "Head-up". That's what he's talking about. Duh.

Tâm | 11 juillet 2014

I haven't looked up the dictionary lately. So, this is very much refreshing. Thanks Brian!

Lubdub | 11 juillet 2014

so now that all of you syntax cops have done your job (and not answered anything), maybe others will respond to the question
of whether a head up display may be in the plans.

jjs | 11 juillet 2014

Heads answer is coming soon. If you keep you head up.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself being no help.

Brian H | 14 juillet 2014

Wait for 3D holograms.

Lubdub | 14 juillet 2014

Why not just wait for teleporters?(Hope the syntax cops don't find fault with this)

Ricobob | 18 juillet 2014

Anything that keeps your eyes on the road ahead seems likes a great idea. Projecting essential info onto the windshield might do the trick. However it could get tedious after a while so make it an option and with an on/off ?

runonmd1 | 18 juillet 2014

"If you keep you head up. Sorry. Couldn't help myself being no help."

Don't shoot the messenger. I didn't say it.

TonyInNH | 19 juillet 2014

I actually had the chance to drive a car that had a HUD. Like others have said it is projected from the top of the dash onto the windshield. Interesting in that the passenger can't even see it, only the drive can because of the angle. It displays low on the windshield and isn't too bright so it really doesn't distract the driver at all. It's especially useful when using navigation.

wangpj | 20 juillet 2014

wish HEADS UP DISPLAY becomes to the basic function of model X.

especially when it's silence during driving the Tesla because it's's not easy to note the speed before it rushed into illeagal range.

Mel. | 20 juillet 2014

The HUD was first put in the Oldsmobile around 1988.. I think the Corvette started really pushing it in 1998. The Model s display is really nice, and as close as you can get to the HUD...

wangpj | 22 juillet 2014

wishing HUD function ........ please....model X..... ^_^

Brian H | 23 juillet 2014

Heads up, there may be a HEAD-UP DISPLAY, but only one HEAD at a time. <8-p

vandacca | 23 juillet 2014

My wife will want the HEADS-UP display, so that she can monitor my speed while in the passenger or back seats! ;)


balabanshik | 23 juillet 2014

From what I've seen in terms of car HUDs, she won't be able to, since the HUD is basically a reflection of a rather bright monitor in the windshield, and it has a relatively narrow field of visibility. You have to adjust it so that you can see it best from your default driving position, but if you shift slightly, it starts to "move" and gets occluded.
Look up a description of how it works
Or, better, visit a Chevrolet dealership (however alien that sounds), and ask to try out a Corvette or a Camaro with HUD.

That aside, HUDs are rather helpful, putting important information (speed, navigation info) right there in the field of vision. Saves a glance to the dash, which can positively affect driving safety.

vandacca | 23 juillet 2014

Thanks @balabanshik. I actually knew that. I was just trying to make a joke about the spelling of "HEADS-UP" display (plural) versus the correct spelling of HEAD-UP display, mostly to annoy the syntax police. ;)


Remnant | 25 juillet 2014

An HUD can also be projected on a separate mini-screen under the windshield, like in the new plug-in Prius.

The main attraction of an HUD for me would be an integrated 180 degree rear-view from 2-4 cameras, because the rear-view mirrors (plus neck-twisting for the dead angles) are an annoying distraction, a hazard, an aerodynamic drag, and an invitation to vandalism.

elizabeth.gottfried | 25 juillet 2014

the HUD on the BMW-755 was invisible when i wore my polarized ray-ban sunglasses...

Brian H | 26 juillet 2014

I was wondering for a moment if that's a bug or a feature, but I guess its inevitable. The HUD is done with reflection, after all, and reflection off the windshield polarizes the light horizontally -- the same as the glare the glasses are intended to eliminate.

Brian H | 26 juillet 2014

typo: it's inevitable ...

mka4us | 9 février 2015

I found this cool App which has some sort of HUD display. It looks stunning to me. The display on the windshield specially at night is really cool.

The youtube video :

vandacca | 9 février 2015

I would first test your phone's screen on the dash to make sure that the dash:windshield angle is appropriate for a decent HUD image before purchasing this app. I would find it hard to believe that this would work in most vehicles.

I will try it with mine tomorrow.

mka4us | 9 février 2015

Hi Vandacca, I have Beetle and Nissan, I have tried their Sign mode in HUD and its looks amazing at night... Anyway, please share your findings ..