Home charging

Home charging

What options are available for the installation of the home charging system? I have both 110v & 220v easily available to wire into. (220v preferred option) Is this charger something that I could purchase myself & then also install myself?

If not, what does Tesla recommend for the installation procedure?

What is the cost of the home charging unit?


Rocky_H | 7 mars 2014

The recommendation:

Some go for the mounted charger, called the high power wall charger (HPWC), which can support 220V, and up to 80 amps (on a 100 amp breaker). Many (most?) go for the smaller cheaper option, also if your home electrical panel is not too happy with adding a 100 amp breaker. That is called a NEMA 14-50 outlet. It is the same kind of outlet they have for campers at RV parks. That is a 220V 50 amp breaker that will deliver 40 amps to the car.

You should probably get an electrician to install either.

Rocky_H | 7 mars 2014

As far as cost, that will range maybe in the $300 to $500 range-ish, depending on the cost of your electrician, permit, etc. I bought the parts for the NEMA 14-50 outlet, and that was about $65, but it's the other stuff that costs more.

Dwdnjck@ca | 7 mars 2014

Tesla' s have built in chargers. They simply need a place to plug in. Check the web site for the appropriate 220 and 110 volt receptacles. The car comes with the most common plugs included.

Rocky_H | 7 mars 2014

Oh yeah, Dwdnjck is making a good point. Tesla's charging cable can use different adapters to go into almost any kind of outlet--regular 110V wall outlets, dryer outlets, etc. so it doesn't need to have a special charging station installed at home if you don't want. For some people who don't drive a lot of miles each day, they along fine with overnight charging from just a regular wall plug.