How many people that are concerned about the doors will use them often?

How many people that are concerned about the doors will use them often?

I am 3 to 5 months away from making a decision and to me the doors seem to be a no-issue. The front doors are the same as a conventional car so it probably will not effect me.

Also I may be different than most drivers but one of my cars only has a front seat (no rear seat or doors) and the rear doors in my 4 door truck are seldom used for passengers.. The last time I had a passenger in my rear seat was over two years ago and I usually open the rear door of my truck about once a month or less often.

To me it seems like a big worry over something that may be a rare occurrence, for it to matter it has to be on a day when you have someone using the rear seat and it also has to be raining or snowing on that day.

How often do most of future drivers will even use the rear doors on a daily or regular basis?

JaeGee | 5 août 2015

I have 2 kids and will be using the rear doors on a daily occurrence. With that said I am not worried with the doors at all. Whether they were conventional doors, flacon doors, or some other. As long as they work appropriately I don't see what the big deal is.

Maybe since I am in CA, I have a different perspective since snow is nearly as rare as rain in the bay area.

vandacca | 5 août 2015

Agreed. Most people complaining about the falcon doors are hyper-fixated on them, but in reality I don't think it will affect most people. Once the Model-X is in the wild, this whole discussion will go away in my opinion.

aesculus | 5 août 2015

Once they are in the wild it will be the single biggest selling feature and attraction point.

A few people will dismiss them as 'their' reason to rebuke the car, but others will be captivated by them.

socalsam | 5 août 2015

I own a mercedes SLS "Gullwing" as a weekend/fun car. The main reason I bought it was because of the doors. Every time I open the doors it's an event. People love it. I'm excited about the doors on the X and it was a big reason I put a deposit down. If they are also functional, then it's a bonus.

skip8jones | 5 août 2015

The FW door feature is a major reason for us to purchase the MX. We have a 2 year old and lifting her in and out of a child seat even in a mini van is awkward. Being able to step in and set her straight down into the child seat appears to be a very desirable feature.

Living in Portland, Oregon, we have plenty of rain and, unless someone holds an umbrella over us when lifting our child in and out of the mini, we get wet.

ragtopday | 5 août 2015


I agree, I consider the FW door to be good way to stay dry while loading young children and belting them up in the rear seat.

I had a Lexus hybrid SUV that had a rear hatchback door the kept me dry while I put packages in the rear. As I said I probable will not use the rear doors but they seem as if the will shield the driver from rain and snow.

Right now I am leaning towards the "S" but the F/W doors will not effect my decision as to what model I will wind up getting. To me the doors are a non-issue but I would have no objection to having both front and rear doors to be F/W

grant10k | 5 août 2015

The doors being used infrequently by some does not mean it gets a free pass on being impractical. First of all, because some people will definitely use the doors more than others. People with kids have every right to complain. Second, even if I don't often ride in the back of my own car, I still want the thing to work. Even if I don't expect to ever need it, I'm still not going to cheap out and get a decorative fire extinguisher.

I also think that the issues that are frequently brought up aren't actually as bad as they would be in real life. It's easy to construct all these scenarios where you're the person with the problem in an infomercial. Really though, I think all the problems are just things people learn to deal with fairly easily. Door can't open all the way in some crazy-short parking garage? Use the other door, or just find a spot with more headroom. Snow of the roof? Brush it off. Snow fell into the car? Brush it out. Personal garage too short? Pull the car outside and load everyone up there. Personal garage too short while raining? Get wet, with my condolences.

On paper, my current car has the worst rear doors ever to make it to a production vehicle. Suicide rear doors. The front and rear doors have to be opened and closed in order, people in the front have to take their seatbelts off to let people in the back out, if there isn't a lot of room on the sides of the car, it traps everyone between the doors until everyone squeezes towards the front enough to close the rear door. All of this, and it's never really a big deal. All doors have issues, and FW doors have different ones, but not really worse ones.

proven | 5 août 2015

We have two kids and the FW doors will be used daily. I'm looking forward to the doors and not worried about them.

grant10k | 5 août 2015

Just realized, the X will pull itself in and out of a personal parking space, so having a low garage is way less of an issue than the same doors would be on a less automatic car. Everyone gets out of the car outside, goes inside, the car follows you into the garage by itself. Good boy.

JeffreyR | 5 août 2015

@grant10k +1

I love your point. The garage in our 100-year-old house on Galveston is very low. I need to duck my head in most of it (pretty uneven too). The rain can be biblical some days. But if you have Falcon Wing doors and an umbrella it's no big deal while the car fits itself through the tight garage door w/o any effort too.

Now if I could convince my wife to move back to the Bay Area we can avoid all that unpleasant weather and not be able to afford a garage for the MX anyways ;)

vperl | 6 août 2015

I plan to weild them shut.

Avoid all possibilities of success or failure.

Then I will whine myself to sleep in worry of the doors.


eric.zucker | 6 août 2015

When I walk my dog and there's a sudden storm/downpour my MX can come and fetch us? Now we're talking...

Only caveat I see is having to disconnect the charging cable first.

Elon, I've got a 120kW wireless charger for you. 120kW. 95% efficiency. Seriously.

ian | 6 août 2015

No worries with having to unplug eric. Elon's got you covered.

DTsea | 7 août 2015

Eric.zucker what unobtainium did you maje that out of? Even a wired connector isn't 95% efficient.

That's ok Elon doesn't read this anyway.

But aren't you the guy who said a us Model X would be fine in Europe just like Mom's valiant even though Europe uses the Mennekes connector and 3 phase power?

eric.zucker | 7 août 2015

You could buy a Europe - spec'd MX in the US and export it yourself. Adapter cables aren't hard to build.
There might be sub-optimal charging in the U.S., using two phases out of three, unless you're feeding all three phases from whatever is available given enough amperage. I.e. 3x 20A is equivalent to 1x60A here.

The car charger converts AC to DC anyway. It doesn't care if it's power comes from one, two or three distinct phases. This variable just changes how many rectifiers you need and how many cables you run.

95% efficiency was measured from the 3-phase AC input to the system to the DC bus in the target vehicle. Actually 94.6% to be exact. This is at 20cm (8inch) air gap between coils, 120+ kW effectively received power, input power was 126.6 kW. Resonant inductive coupling is the method, and we patented the waveform that gives us this efficiency. If the coils are not perfectly aligned the power transfer decreases, but so does the power input, efficiency stays good.

vperl | 7 août 2015

The above post and doors? Explain connection

rossRallen | 8 août 2015

I seldom used the rear doors of my Lexus SUV, and carried more than one passenger maybe once a year. The Falcon Wings will get a lot of use for their toy value. Could possibly have use as a babe magnet. | 10 août 2015

@Ross: You mean you will open a door to have the babe look in and then close it to gently scoop her into the sculptured interior?

jordanrichard | 10 août 2015

I don't people are over thinking the potential issue with the Falcon doors, when it comes to snow. Would anyone here open their sunroof if there was snow on it?

proven | 10 août 2015

I'm curious with all the worry about the snow.. how often are you in the car when it's covered with snow? Don't you normally brush the snow off before you get in? The only difference between a regular car and the X will be that you'll have to brush off some of the roof as well. Now, if you have ice on the car that may be a different story.

Ankit Mishra | 10 août 2015

That will surely avoid all the possible problems with FW doors. | 10 août 2015

While the doors have a legitimate function, they will also be a colorful, distinguishing feature in an otherwise drab world of Crossovers for all the pros and cons: "Oh, look at those crazy doors! That must be a Tesla."

I will then snap my suspenders and acknowledge that it is mine.

"Where do you put your kayaks?" they will ask.

"In the water. Where else?"

bcld | 11 août 2015

Some say in the future the Falcon wing will be called an Albatross door. Is that true?

Bubba2000 | 11 août 2015

May be the FW doors make practical sense. However, for the initial MX, Tesla should have kept the design simple with 4 doors, plush rear door. 5 seats with optional 2 third row seats like BMW X5. Maximum use of common engineering design and parts with MS. Deign costs would have been lower, faster time to market. Lower capital investment.

One of the advantages of BEVs like MS are the low number of parts, simplicity of design compared to ICE vehicles. Reduces costs, and increases reliability. Why design a MX and make it one of the hardest autos to build in the world? Besides few people have 5 kids and want to stuff them in a tinny SUV. If I had that many kids, I would get a minivan or even a full size van, all pimped up.

Tesla wants to build the MS and MX is the newer common assembly line they are finishing. The complexity of MX will increase costs, including tooling, supply of parts, while taking more hours to assemble.

Red Sage ca us | 11 août 2015

The 'why' easy. That is simply the way Elon Musk prefers to do things. The hardest possible tasks are the ones that garner his interest. If not for that philosophy, the Model S would have been the empty, barebones, tin can, substandard, slow, short range, overpriced golf cart that the entire automotive industry presumed it would be. What makes the Model X difficult is the pressure to prove that Tesla Motors can make the Best Car in the World... again... only BETTER.

jjs | 11 août 2015

+42 Red

eric.zucker | 11 août 2015

+42 Red

Tesla needs to excel in nearly every aspect of their MX, just as they achieved with MS. Who would trust their lives, their families' lives to an unknown manufacturer with little or no proven track record?

We all have to get to work in the morning and be on time, right? We must have reliable and safe cars.

Then comes convenience - hauling kids, wives, groceries, tools, skis, surfboards, bikes, whatever.

Inexpensive to operate. Yes, this is on the list, we're tired of gas guzzlers.

Long-lasting, as a car is an investment that usually depreciates quickly, so make sure it runs smoothly for as long as we'd like it to, and still be able to resell when we need to change it.

Finally... We like fun, classy, distinctive cars. Green is a plus.

Tesla scores top notch in all regards. That's the reason they are so disruptive and entered the market with a huge bang.

vandacca | 12 août 2015

@Bubba2000, Tesla has to make an SUV that is much better than their equivalent ICE version in order to dispel the myths of BEV. They are the under-dog and need to over-deliver in order to be seen.

Tesla has admitted that there was serious scope creep with the Model-X and have said that with the Model-3, they are likely going to do the opposite. They plan to start simple and improve quickly in order to get the vehicle out as quickly as possible.

ken | 12 août 2015


Red Sage ca us | 12 août 2015

eric.zucker & vandacca: +1! | 12 août 2015


hmn4858 | 16 août 2015

If you don't think all these concerns haven't been raised @ Tesla you've never sat through godawful design reviews. I have zero concerns about the doors. It will be a family hauler and I live in an area blessed by huge amounts of snow in recent history. | 16 août 2015

Great for grandkids.

vperl | 16 août 2015

Heard the doors have killed 5 bikers and flown off and mashed into buildings.

Might be unfounded, not sure.

Buy a KIA

ian | 16 août 2015

vperl - You're so much more pleasant when you're not trying to insult us. ;-)

I think we need to add your "Buy a KIA." to mclary's "IDIOT! FLAGGED!" And we'll have the ultimate forum brush off.

vperl | 17 août 2015

Thanks, always looking to help you through your mediocre day.

Apply here for credit.... 1-800-trust-me

jjs | 17 août 2015

+1 ian

rossRallen | 17 août 2015

If I have to wait much longer, I'll have to open them to stow my walker on the (folded down) sculptural masterpiece second row seats...

kamala | 17 août 2015

Have two kids (6,3), and will use the FW doors daily. I am the target demographic (mom of young kids).

I also live in Colorado, where a simple errand might require I clean off the car in the middle of a snowfall (anytime between September and May). While at home, unconcerned, as I assume this will fit easily in our standard 2-car garage. (Heck, I'll even be able to take up a little extra space, as the other garage spot is reserved for DH's mid-life crisis mobile--er, I mean, Polaris Slingshot, and that doesn't take up as much space as a regular car.)

All concerns are valid, but I also trust the designers to consider every possible scenario, and come up with the best possible solution.

After all, this isn't a Kia.

ken | 17 août 2015

rossRallen | AUGUST 17, 2015

I figure the walker will fit nicely on the tow hitch bike rack.

kamala | AUGUST 17, 2015

I hope we get delivery before your kids are out of High School.

eric.zucker | 17 août 2015

I for one am really looking forward to the falcon wing doors. Yes it will be a tight fit, and I may have to dig the garage floor down a bit. Currently kids have to work their way around the rear door to enter or exit the car, and so do I when I put stuff in the back. Will be very convenient. Exotic and unusual too.

vperl | 18 août 2015

As usual, " Buy a KIA"


rossRallen | 18 août 2015

@ken: good idea about stowing the walker.

redlogs | 18 août 2015

How long does it take to fully open and close the FW doors? I assume you can't manually slam it quickly, or can you, if your in a gusty rain storm. Although time it takes to get kids in or out of car seats maybe it's a moot point.
TIA | 18 août 2015

@rossR: I already have a walker just in case.
@redlogs: If you try to slam a FW door, the recoil will dislocate your shoulder,
@eric.z: with Release 7.0 the X will park itself in your garage and remove itself from the garage at your command. No need to make alterations.

grant10k | 18 août 2015

I swear, by reading these forums, you'd think the only people planning to buy this car are storm chasers during monsoon season.

vandacca | 18 août 2015

+1 @grant10k. You have to admit, it would make for a great monsoon chaser!

eric.zucker | 18 août 2015

@george: oh no... I might get wet!

redlogs | 18 août 2015

Sorry, thought this was a useful forum. I would be more concerned about rain blowing in through the top opening on to the interior of my cars leather and carpet. I'm not in that big a rush and will wait for some real owners experience to decide if FW doors are enough of a nuisance to deter me from purchasing or not.

grant10k | 18 août 2015

Oh, snap! He burned all of us!

But really, you can't ask a serious question on page 2 after everyone has gotten all weird.

To seriously answer you question, no one knows. I suspect in actuality, what would happen would be the same thing as every other car; in a downpour you either get soaked, or wait for the rain to lighten up.

@vandacca. Yes, agreed. But, only because it would make for a great everything.