Initial Hesitations

Initial Hesitations

I just drove my colleagues Model S and have a few hesitations that I'd love to get some thoughts on before comitting on my own.

• Can 3G be upgradable to 4G or LTE for existing 3G cars?

* I love that they built super chargers between Nor Cal and So Cal and Tahoe, but where do you plan to plug in once you get to your destination and stay for a week?

• Can you get an extension cord for the plug if you're in a bind and have to plug into a difficult to access 110v outlet?

Carefree | 12 février 2013

The consensus seems to be that upgrading to 4G is not in the cards - if this is critical for you, wait until the next iteration of the Model S.

You can get a beefy extension cord but do NOT use a regular house hold cord - it would get way too hot. Remember, in addition to the superchargers there are tons of Level 2 chargers available, like Blink and Chargepoint.

mbcaffe | 12 février 2013

i do not believe the 3G is upgradeable, however soon you will be able to use your own 4G wifi.

Plan to stay at places that offer EV charging or have EV stations nearby. My delivery specialist said a level 2 charger should you give about 20 miles per hour of charge.

Was told that an extension cord is not advisable. they give you 20ft cord with 110v adapter.

Wayne3 | 12 février 2013

As for your third question, I picked up a 1XUP8 (type that into Google or Bing and you'll see several suppliers) for just that purpose. It's a fifty foot 10 gauge outdoor rated cord, so it should do fine with continuous 120v / 12A, which is what the Tesla draws off NEMA 5-15. Great for emergencies or if you're at someone else's house. Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician, so check with one before use.

DouglasR | 12 février 2013

Go to the websites for Chargepoint, ReCargo, Blink, and Plugshare (or get the apps), and you will find thousands of places to charge.

I do wish, however, that there were an easy way to find hotels, motels, etc. that have charging facilities. I don't believe that any of these websites let you filter for overnight accommodations.

mbcaffe | 12 février 2013

found this site to helpful too

jat | 12 février 2013

I'm not sure why people care about 4G -- the web browser is slow enough it won't matter (and you can't watch video anyway), and downloading map tiles is fast enough at 3G speeds.

Hotels are starting to get EV chargers -- my last trip I chose a hotel that had an L2 Blink charger. If more people ask for them, they are more likely to get them. If you aren't going to do much driving while you are there, 120V is fine and I can't imagine you would have trouble finding a hotel that would let you plugin.

Joshua Burstyn | 12 février 2013

I believe Tesla has advised you can tether using your phone's LTE connection. That might be the best way to get 4G on current gen cars. :-)

Docrob | 12 février 2013

Charging away from superchargers can be done at any of the over 6,500 dedicated Public EV charging stations around the US, a number which is growing rapidly and includes a huge number of car parks, entertainment venues, hotels, motels etc allowing you to opportunity charge whilst out and about or do a complete charge whilst you sleep. The next option would be any of the thousands of camp sites and RV parks around the country almost all of which have high current connections for RV's and finally in a real pinch any home dryer socket will give you a decent rate of charge and any 110v socket can give you some slow electrons if nothing else is available.

For public charging stations see
For campsites see And others
For dryer and 110v sockets wander over to the nearest house and offer them $10 to use their garage for a few hours.

Brian H | 13 février 2013

An early tech comment was that the S was designed to be modular enough to swap out devices like that. Perhaps at some future date there will be enough h/w upgrades available that the "fleet" will be called in to the Service Centers for some swappin'. We can dream!