IRS Form 8936 Doesn't Work

IRS Form 8936 Doesn't Work

Has anyone taken a close look at the 2012 version of IRS Form 8936, the form used to claim the $7500 tax credit? You can look at it here: I don't think it works. The tentative credit of $7500 is entered on line 4, but it that number is never carried down to the rest of the form. Instead, the credit is computed on the basis of line 18, which says, "If the vehicle is a two- or three-wheeled vehicle, enter the smaller of line 16 or line 17." Line 18 never says what number to use if the vehicle is a four-wheeled vehicle. If you fill out the form precisely, the credit for someone with no business use will be zero.

Please take a look at the form, and tell me whether I'm reading it incorrectly. If I'm right, we should probably get TM to make a formal request to the IRS to fix it.

defmonk | 21 janvier 2013

If you look at line 15, you enter the tentative credit from line 4 and then skip to line 18 (where the line 15 instructions direct you to enter then amount from line 15 for a four-wheel vehicle). So, if you have only personal use and the vehicle has four wheels, the amount from line 4 should be entered on line 15 and then on line 18.

DouglasR | 21 janvier 2013


When in doubt, read it carefully. :)

Sorry for the false alarm.

Brian H | 22 janvier 2013

Heh. I thought the first line of your OP invited others to read it as carefully as you had(n't). ;)

Be careful how you ask what you ask for! LOL | 22 janvier 2013

Defmonk gets 1/2 of Douglas' 7500 credit for this, right?

DouglasR | 22 janvier 2013

Can't do that TDurden. The entire credit has been used up from paying my accountant to apply for the credit.