Irvine, CA to San Diego Roundtrip in 60KWH??

Irvine, CA to San Diego Roundtrip in 60KWH??

I am going to be making this trip about 4 times per year. I drive with A/C on at about 70MPH on the freeway. I have the 60KWH battery. The trip is 85 miles one way. Do you think I can make it roundtrip if I drive another 20 miles in San Diego around in the city?

petero | 22 janvier 2013

No I don't think you will make it unless you charge up over night or hitch a ride on a tow truck - even if you drive at 50 mph.

TimJ | 22 janvier 2013

If he drives at 50 he could probably do it on a range charge. He could easily do it he charges once he gets to destination.

DFibRL8R | 22 janvier 2013

Well the EPA rating for the 60 kWh is 208 miles. This compares to Tesla's ideal range of 230 mile (at 55mph with no AC) number. Your trip is only 170 miles with an additional 20 miles of local driving. Since this is below the EPA rating it should be do-able.
Can you plug in when you get there? Even a 110 outlet will get you 2-3 miles of range per hour of charge. Find a dryer outlet or J-1772 and you'll do much better.
Others have suggested driving more conservatively when you start out on a long trip and "banking" extra range early, then speeding up as you get closer once you feel more comfortable with the car's projections. Of course when you get there, if you are planning to show the car off to people you'll burn allot of energy with demonstrations of acceleration :)

stevenmaifert | 22 janvier 2013 - There are over 100 public access Level 2 chargers in the greater San Diego area. If you have a couple hours of downtime while here, hopefully there will be one nearby and give you enough charge for some peace of mind for your return to Irvine. If you don't already have a Blink and ChargePoint card, it would be a good idea to get them.

Tâm | 22 janvier 2013

It's possible but by now, you should realize to not count on advertised specifications: EPA=208 miles, Tesla=230 miles.

You have to recreate optimal laboratory conditions to count on those numbers.

That's why I got the biggest capacity instead of 60 kWh.

HansJ | 22 janvier 2013

I often drive from Silicon Valley to Carmel and back so I had a similar concern. It's 88 miles one way. There is no way I would count on going round trip without charging in a 60 kWh car. Certainly not at 70 mph on the highway. Either trickle charge it overnight on 110V or find a Level 2 charger somewhere in San Diego to top up the range before you return. I did the round trip this weekend and would not have made it home if I didn't top up on a Level 2 Blink charger while I was in Carmel. I am lucky of course to have the extra safety net of a supercharger halfway in Gilroy but its not needed if you can plug in over night or for a few hours during the day.