How come no one complains and crus bloody murder when cars other than Tesla catch fire???

muleferg | 7 décembre 2013

Have you noticed all the press release come out of Detroit!

MX P #6874

Brian H | 7 décembre 2013

No car has been involved in more high-profile whoops-de-do than Gallardos. Given that the last one left the factory last month, the value of those on the road may start to rise — if their owners can keep them in one piece.

Get the last one, before it burns!

Haeze | 8 décembre 2013

Yeah, check out the "burn-ratio" of Audi R8 cars as well.

Also, keep in mind the majority of the Lambo and Audi R8 fires are self-immolation. They were not even in a collision.