Leg room in driver's seat?

Leg room in driver's seat?

I just got back from the LA showroom where I was able to sit in the Model S Beta driver's seat for a short 10 minute presentation. Since I'd already had a ride at the factory tour, I specifically wanted to see how it felt "behind the wheel" of the Model S. While the Tesla rep explained the touch panel to everyone else in the car, I played with all of the adjustments that I could find. Seat adjustments: check. Inflatable lumbar support: check. Electric steering wheel adjustment: Very smooth. One thing concerned me however. In the driving position, my right knee seemed constrained by the position of the touch screen. With my foot on the gas (electric) pedal, unless I maintained a straight on, perfect posture, the right knee would bump the bottom of the touch screen panel.

Since the Model S is such a larger car compared to my Prius, I couldn't understand why my knee was bumping into the touch screen. It appears that the dashboard, and certainly the touch screen extends out further into the passenger compartment than many cars. This is convenient when reaching to touch the "touch screen", since you don't have to lean forward to do it. However, it creates a bit of a "cramped feeling" for the legs.

So, did anyone else notice this? When you "relax" your knee, it seems to hit right at the bottom of the panel. I'm 6' 1". Not extraordinarily tall.

Other than that... the more closely I look at this car, the more I love it!


Timo | 24 octobre 2011

That's not good. That would definitely reduce the "luxury" feeling of the car.

Denis Vincent | 24 octobre 2011

Mark I would invite you to visit a Thread that I initiated (Purebrid EV) that also makes reference to the 17" screen as being "the elephant in ...." I would have to agree with you in that it presents a physical and visual intrusion into the cockpit. Understanding its importance, I"m hoping that TM will continue to work on its integration without compromising its functionality.

rdgreene | 25 octobre 2011

With the seat all the way back and steering wheel adjusted appropriately, I didn't have any "fit" issues (I'm 6'8" and about 260 pounds). I particularly didn't notice any panel contact.

Of course, I have a history of jamming myself into tiny cars, so maybe I have a bit more tolerance than your average "too large" person!

Soflauthor | 25 octobre 2011

Although I haven't had the privilege of sitting in the driver's seat of the Beta, I did sit in the driver's seat of the pre-Alpha, and it was comfortable for someone who is 6'2" tall. No leg issues that I can recall. Might it be that the center console (here we go again :) allowed the touch screen to be better integrated and slightly less intrusive in the cockpit? If I relaxed my knee, it leaned gently against the console wall of the pre-Alpha and was not in any way uncomfortable. The lack of the center console may have unintended consequences and the problem you report just might be one of them.

NielsChr | 25 octobre 2011

alfa and beta is totaly diffrent cars, they have the design in common, but are build differently (I asume you know).

I have watched the video of board member Steve driving the beta,

and in a short passage of the video (at 1.50 min), he is talking about this (the beta) is the first car he has driven witch did not require the drivers seat positioned in the most back posistion, and even then the seat was placed to far away from the stearing wheel (asuming he should have placed it one step closer)

Now I don't know how tall he is, but I asume he is avarage or tall - I aasume only tall people consern about how mutch legroom is avalibe (im tall and really conserned about this - infact my first check with a new car is if there is legroom at the drivers seat, and at the same time still legroom for the backseat passengers)

Brian H | 25 octobre 2011

Speaking of legroom, the X is going to hold 7 adults:

"The new crossover will feature even more innovative packaging solutions than the seven-seat Model S, including third-row seating capable of comfortably accommodating seven full-size adults, and it will be a fully specced luxury vehicle."

So I guess 2+3+2.

mscottring | 25 octobre 2011

I had a chance to sit in the drivers seat for about five minutes. I'm 6'2", and I didn't have any issues. In fact I was so excited about the "driving position" I felt in the car that I reported it straight away to several friends.

I think the issue is general. Meaning, cars are actually very personal. Each individual, regardless of size, has their own preferences. What I perceived to be a good drivers position, and overall good layout, could be just the opposite for the very next guy that sat in the same seat.