license plates

license plates

Best personal EV license plates for your model S

Volker.Berlin | 17 février 2012

Here are a couple threads that have already collected lots of ideas: (public) (private) (private)

(*private means that only logged-in reservation holders can see these topics.)

skystream3.7 | 17 février 2012


skystream3.7 | 17 février 2012


Mycroft | 17 février 2012



mwu | 17 février 2012

Boo, I'm a logged in reservation holder and I still can't see it...

Mycroft | 17 février 2012

email your support rep. They can fix your login.

mwu | 17 février 2012

Mycroft, just did that, thanks

Here's a plate idea: E-TRICK

Beaker | 17 février 2012

SIG ### where ### is my vin.

Teoatawki | 17 février 2012

Good idea: GOTJUCE
Bad idea: BTRTHNU

GoTeslaChicago | 17 février 2012

Illinois environmental plate, on my Prius since 2008, waiting for my Model S to arrive, P5520

Crow | 17 février 2012


Brian H | 17 février 2012


mklcolvin | 17 février 2012

Reference to "Back to the Future", since we're looking to the future of automobiles ;-)

Brian H | 17 février 2012


mklcolvin | 17 février 2012

How about
(you've been zapped)?

Teoatawki | 17 février 2012

Feeling extra dense today, but IZOTU???

Mycroft | 17 février 2012

There's a Delorean in Seattle that has the plate OUTATIME. :)

Mycroft | 17 février 2012

Actually, I think it's OUTATYM

petero | 17 février 2012

Thanks Volker.Berlin

Found this one on an older thread. I liked it and ordered it today from the CA DMV



flar | 17 février 2012


Brian H | 17 février 2012

"ZOT" is a cartoon sound effect from a lightning strike. Lightning is electricity. So, "I zot you".

CIAOPEC | 3 mai 2012

just received my California plate


originally requested EVFNBOY but the DVM vetoed, I guess they were worried it was something perverse? Who knows.

I'm excited. This is one tiny personal step towards electrifying my ride! The plate will look a little silly on my Honda but hopefully by this time next year it'll badge my model S.

petero | 3 mai 2012

CA DMV holding " +ESLA S " for me. Hopefully, around February.

kcorless | 11 mai 2013


irfanrajpari | 30 octobre 2013

Mine is FU BP

romainiacWV | 30 octobre 2013


thecherubs | 14 février 2014

CA plate: KW ONLY

Joe H. | 23 février 2014

I thought of this for the performance owners:

V0 416HP

NOLEK SUM | 23 février 2014


skookumchuck | 23 février 2014

Washington: GOTAMPS

Captain_Zap | 23 février 2014

My first real job was working on the Skookumchuck!

rodhoffman | 23 février 2014

AMPED - in Colorado

iTesla | 23 février 2014

NON GAS Virginia clean fuel plate

Kari.Kallonen | 25 février 2014

My Tesla have plate NCO-2 = No Carbon dioxide (Here in Finland we have to have at least 2 letters and one number, which is not zero)

Electric Joe | 25 avril 2014

Michigan: SORRY BP

CatCityTesla | 26 avril 2014

California; ELONTRC

shepali | 26 avril 2014

Mine in AZ is: KWGUZLR

mdlandmark | 10 mai 2014

Just ordered in Maryland:


hfpjrw | 12 mai 2014

Mine is: SIN GAS

AAviator | 12 mai 2014

Mine in nj are CYAOPEC

isaacrodrigues | 22 septembre 2014

Just got mine: PWR UP

Now waiting on my model S. to get delivered. 4 more day and counting.....

Haggy | 22 septembre 2014

I wanted NOT ICE. Since spaces don't count, it would be the same plate "number" as NOTICE, which surprisingly was taken. You'd think that in a state with only 38 million people that would be unlikely, but I digress.

I think in most states it would be easier to get a good plate alphanumeric string.

Rish | 22 septembre 2014

We tried "Pazed Gaz" and Calif would not allow it because "it might be offensive to people". Whatever..... We're waiting for our next choice.

genedr @ny-us | 22 septembre 2014

Either KICKDGAS or CHRGNGO in NY....

Haggy | 22 septembre 2014

I'm surprised that nobody sued the state for free speech reasons. A person could have a bumper sticker that's far more offensive and just as easy to see and it's not as if the state decided what the plate should say. They don't screen standard random plates to see if they are using a three letter word that's offensive in other languages.

quangkevin | 22 septembre 2014

Here's one still available in CA: ohmamps. If you're viet, you probably know what that means :). I'm getting AMPING though.

Janet_HMB | 22 septembre 2014

BTRYPWR--moving it from 2002 Prius. I have been waiting so long. Hopefully just four days to go.

Haggy | 22 septembre 2014


Thanks for pointing that out. Somebody should give you a big hug for it. Unfortunately since I'm not Vietnamese I have no idea what the significance is.

Sluggo | 22 septembre 2014

I PLUGZN - California.

Honorable mention still available:

TESTCAL (still cracks me up)


JeffreyR | 10 novembre 2014


MDL III (model)