Maxim Tesla Model S Review - One of the best I've seen.

Maxim Tesla Model S Review - One of the best I've seen.

Here's a YouTube link to one of the best Tesla Model S reviews I've seen on the web. Maxim's Pat Carone basically tells you everything you need to know about the car. Check it out and give it a like or thumbs up. | 26 octobre 2013

Great review. The only trivial errors I saw is he didn't realize you can open the charge port from the button on the charge connector, and the charge times he reported are slower for 110 V (3 miles/hour) and faster for 240 V 50amps. Rare to see so little wrong in a review!

Sgt Barone | 26 octobre 2013

I agree, that was probably the best review I've seen.

Tom P. | 26 octobre 2013

Quite good. I think he's impressed!

Saved it as a favorite to show to my friends and family... saves having to remember everything about the car.

Hodas | 27 octobre 2013

To his credit, I have heard Tesla sales people still quoting 5 mile/hour for 120v. I think this goes back to the ideal vs rated miles, in part.

TikiMan | 27 octobre 2013

It's interesting that he states that you can't use the internet while driving. I wonder if there was a reason they said that, when it's fairly obvious you can.

callmehere | 27 octobre 2013

Looks like he was on 4.0 software, maybe that was a limitation back then? Either that or he based it on the fact that the maxim site didn't work on the screen when he tried to view it, probably due to lack of flash though.

Mathew98 | 27 octobre 2013

Should have let one of the Maxim girls do the review instead. I'll bet the review would be 10x more popular but I probably wouldn't be paying attention to what she had to say...

KendallPB | 1 novembre 2013

Decent, and clearly he likes it a lot, but did he say 2014 near the beginning? It can't be. ;-) He's confused by other carmaker's "model years."

Also, you can control a LOT from the steering wheel, but what he said around 1:15 makes it sound like you can't do much of anything there. True, you don't have to, but you can. He does show the volume controls later on, though.

4:44: "Their version of Pandora" (referring to Slacker, which he doesn't name and which predates Pandora, methinks)....

But overall, good, and pretty accurate. And now I know--Maxim has a an auto section. Who knew?! ;-)

wcalvin | 1 novembre 2013

He did leave out the fuel economics, $10 for a fillup rather than $70. But impressive for hitting most of the high points without botching anything.

Brian H | 2 novembre 2013

... she said.