Memory System for Driver's Settings?

Memory System for Driver's Settings?

I test drove the Model S at the NY Get Amped Event but I didn't see anything mentioned about this feature. Does anyone know if the Model S has a memory system for driver settings like seat, mirrors, steering wheel, etc.? If it does exist, can someone share details?

Volker.Berlin | 27 juillet 2012

There are definitely seat memory functions, as those have been discussed in these forums by some test drivers. The memory is bound to the key fob. There are multiple key fob sensors in the Model S as to decide which key fob is currently on the driver's seat (in case the passenger has her key fob with her as well). There seems to be consensus that memory includes seat, steering wheel, and mirrors.

Regarding memory for other settings like regen mode, steering mode, sound volume and equalizers I have no explicit information. The Model S being the iconic car that it is, I guess that Tesla takes the memory concept as far as they can, but that's pure speculation.

At some point the Options & Pricing page explicitly stated that memory seats come with the leather seat option. This piece of information has now disappeared, so I cannot say with confidence whether this feature now comes standard or is in fact tied to some option package.

DallasTxModelS | 27 juillet 2012

The info about the key fob does mention what it controls on the Features Page of the website.

.The Key
Programmable for individual drivers, the unique Tesla key is easily sensed by the vehicle, loading preferred settings like seat, steering wheel, and mirror positions. As you approach, the key commands the door handle to unlock, waiting for a simple tap to present itself. With it in your pocket, Model S turns on as you buckle in to the driver’s seat.

GoTeslaChicago | 28 juillet 2012

How much will an extra key fob cost?

I assume the car comes with 2 but an extra in case of (temporary) misplacement (my wife's modus operandi) or for another family member is pretty much a necessity in my opinion.

jerry3 | 28 juillet 2012

I don't believe Tesla has announced a price. My assumption is that it will be similar in cost to the Prius' fob ($200 + programming charges)

Robert22 | 4 août 2012

Obviously it would make sense, but are two included key fobs confirmed?

Rod and Barbara | 4 août 2012

@ Robert22, yes our Models S was delivered with two key fobs.

DallasTxModelS | 4 août 2012

The two key fobs were in the box handed to each driver at the delivery event June 22.

Robert22 | 4 août 2012

Good to know, Thank you.

Brian H | 5 août 2012

Next gen of the fobs need to be mic'd and voice-activated. Encrypted 2-way with the car AI.

Vawlkus | 7 août 2012

Don't give me ideas Brian, I don't need anymore }B)