Model S Proto-Type Tour. Any news on an Alpha and Beta Tour.

Model S Proto-Type Tour. Any news on an Alpha and Beta Tour.

I'm sure the Proto-Type Tour car is impressive and I'll be there when it hits Toronto.

Has anyone heard news on weather the newest cars, the Alphas and Betas, will also be shown on a tour? I know one is not even out yet, but it will be soon.

I'd really like to see the car as it is in it's completed (or nearly completed) state. Its all about the looks, the handling and the feel of the car. You gotta believe seeing the real thing results in more reservations too, so its gotta be good for Tesla.

msiano17 | 15 mai 2011

I believe that from everything I have read recently, the Alpha builds will not be put on tour at all. They are making 20 of them to test them in every way possible, even some of them are made to try to test out all the bugs before mass production (fingers crossed first gen models have very little bugs then!)

The beta builds on the other hand will be released before the end of the year, I thought I read by September but not positive on that fact. Regardless, they will for sure be released by the end of the year and mass production will start Spring of next year. I did hear that the Beta build will most likely be set up to be shipped out to almost every store so that people can view the nearly completed model and test drive it....

As we all know things can change quickly with news so don't hold me to any of that, but that is everything I have heard as of lately.