Model S Sport prototype picture

Supergreekster | 17 mai 2011

Cannot embed this pic, help!

Supergreekster | 17 mai 2011
Supergreekster | 17 mai 2011

this looks AWESOME!!

Ad van der Meer | 17 mai 2011

Sorry greekster. This is a prehistoric picture and nothing like the alpha prototype.

Timo | 17 mai 2011

Photoshopped imagination of someone. I don't think that is what it was supposed to look at at any time.

Supergreekster | 18 mai 2011

I would love it if the model s sport looked like this!!! A little more aggressive styling cues...

qwk | 18 mai 2011

That is a 4+ year old pic of a model s rendering done by ??

There is 0 chance that the model s will look like that.

Supergreekster | 18 mai 2011

I still would like it to have a bit of aggressive cuts Ike this, the sport version...

Vawlkus | 18 mai 2011

Give it a rest already!

Supergreekster | 19 mai 2011

I will not rest, not until tesla makes this the "sport look"!!!

DarrellH | 19 mai 2011

Supergreekster, it'd be quicker for you to get Road & Track to build it since I believe they created the "photo" and tried to make us believe that was what the Model S would look like. It is their creation so they should build it.

Mittar | 19 mai 2011

You're not winning any approvals here greek, no one is gonna make a car just cause you spam some forums pulling for it. Let it go, plaster it on your ceiling, or whatever.

Supergreekster | 23 mai 2011

Wow, lots of insecurity huh?

Vawlkus | 24 mai 2011

Yeah, you are showing your insecurity VERY well geek.