The Model X is a CUV, not an SUV. Thoughts?

The Model X is a CUV, not an SUV. Thoughts?

Would you agree that the X fits more into the CUV definition than SUV? Ground clearance is more CUV-like, as with towing. Handling and speed obviously blows SUVs away and is more car like. We should be making comparisons to other CUVs, not SUVs, or create a new category altogether. How about ECV--electric crossover vehicle?

Captain_Zap | 2 septembre 2015

X stands for Xover.

deeageux | 2 septembre 2015

CUV is based on a car platform.

SUV is based on a truck platform.

Model X is based on a Model S platform.

Ergo, Model X is a CUV.

People that use the SUV designation for the Model X are most likely not familiar with the CUV term.

TytanX | 2 septembre 2015

It's a Minivan. Of course if Tesla called it that no one would buy it but that is exactly what it is.

mclary | 2 septembre 2015

What is the point to your thread again?

carlk | 2 septembre 2015

CUV drives like a car. SUV drives like a truck. X is a CUV.

rdalcanto | 2 septembre 2015

Your missing the point. People are going to cross shop the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Range Rover, etc., with the Model X. Doesn't matter if you call it a CUV or SUV. If towing over 5,000 lbs is important, they can't buy the Model X and will have to go with the competition.

jordanrichard | 2 septembre 2015

First of all "SUV" and "CUV" are marketing terms, not vehicle classifications. Look under the hood of any "SUV" you will see either the words "meets Federal standards for passenger vehicles" or "....light duty trucks"

Most "SUV"s are indeed based on truck platforms, but not all. Most people would call the Mercedes ML series a SUV, but it is based on a car platform. The only passenger "truck" that MB makes is the G-Wagen, which is clearly far different than the ML since it is a body on frame vehicle. The BMW X5, is based on the 5 series sedan, the Lexus RX is based on a Toyota Camry

Anyways, the term CUV was created by the industry to lend a term to all the compact "utility" vehicles they were making based on their small cars. RAV4, (Corolla), CRV (Civic) X3 (3 Series) etc.

There is no clear criteria as to what is a SUV or a CUV.

Again it is a marketing term, and don't throw knives at me for this, to appeal to women. Once driving a mini-van started having a negative stigma aka, "soccer Mom", both men and women wanted something different. Now, guys favorably respond to the word and the "toughness" of a truck, but not women. So they came up with the term SUV. I have a stack of old Car and Driver magazines and on their are numerous ads for the GMC Jimmy. what today would be considered a "SUV", but at the bottom of the ad it says "Built by the GMC truck division of GM"

pvetesla | 2 septembre 2015

@mclary is trying to start a "catch phrase"

Too late. @vperl beat you to it.

TytanX | 2 septembre 2015

You guys can call it whatever you want it's still a minivan. CUV or SUV is just marketing spin.

carlk | 2 septembre 2015

Don't be so silly. Compact SUV/CUV has just surpassed compact sedan as the best selling car segment this year. Eeveyone wants one.

Gayatrikr | 2 septembre 2015

I read somewhere recently that its an SMV : SUV mini van