Model X ride height

Model X ride height

Is my wife the only one that wants an SUV for the ride height?

We have had SUV's for 30 years (Mercedes ML, Escalade Etc.) so she is used to driving in traffic at the same height as the other SUV's and Pickups. She hoped that the MX ride height would be similar and we can't wait to sit in one at the local Tesla Showroom to find out. You may have noticed in the reveal when two mini-vans were parked close to demonstrate the FWD that the MX was a little shorter than the mini-vans! So we are apprehensive about the ride height.

Are we really the only ones concerned about this?

Napoleonblownapart | 1 octobre 2015

Then buy an SUV. An SUV is a sports utility vehicle built on a truck chassis. The Model X is a crossover, a sport utility vehicle constructed on an automobile chassis.

vperl | 1 octobre 2015

KIA, I understand has what you want

Ankit Mishra | 1 octobre 2015

vperl! Did you like the car? What about that huge glass windshield and new nose? Comments please. (Hope OP wont mind my small possible interaction with vperl in his thread)

vperl | 1 octobre 2015

Well, well, Yes. Mine probably will not show up before March...

But, five months I may be sitting in "Sheila" .

vperl | 1 octobre 2015

I would like the seating in row two and three to have another option.

Second row two seats
Third row, delete

Be very happy camper.

aesculus | 1 octobre 2015

For the original poster: No demo of the air suspension was given and we don't know what the setting was for the reveal. So you will have to wait until you can see one and try that out before you will know what it's max height will be.

Something to keep in mind though. The taller the car the more drag it will have thus reducing the mileage. So maybe you will want to drive it in city traffic at the high setting and out on the open road at faster speeds at a lower setting, if this is even possible.

jacksiart | 1 octobre 2015

Finally, a serious reply!

My apologies to all for somehow stimulating 3 posts from the ever charming vperl.

Luckily (?) our reservation # is over 7K so we should have plenty of time to see if the car will meet our needs with air suspension or standard coils.

Our children have left the nest and we really don't need to get around car seats anymore so the FWD only serve to attract unneeded attention when they are used. Our goal in considering the X was to get away from soiling the planet with ICE exhaust and saving money buying Gas or Diesel. We held off buying a Range Rover to wait for the X. She really does love the RR interior and has been disappointed with the Model S interior. We will just have to wait until we can get the close look at the X that so many of us desire.

Claudedohrn | 1 octobre 2015

@jacksiart, we are in the same boat. DW has a Suercharged Range Rover, and is considering another one. I've made her promise not to buy one until we get "our" X. I have happily taken my wife's hand-me-down cars in the past, but the X is the first car I've lusted for since I was a teen getting my very first car. I'm in the 6xxx reservation range. I'm keeping my 111,xxx mile Range Rover on the road with duct tape, literally (on the gas filler door).

Also (nearly) empty nest. Enjoy driving in an elevated position. The FWD will wow our friends for a few weeks, but that will be boring soon enough. I'm going to specify the air suspension and hope that it rises high enough. I want this car no matter what, but I want the experience to be compelling enough that DW wants one too. We have a lot of penance to do for the Range Rovers we've owned.

vperl | 1 octobre 2015

Thanks Jackie, always the high road.

DriverZ | 1 octobre 2015

@vperl "I would like the seating in row two and three to have another option."

Oh, no Vperl. The seating isn't exactly what you wanted.
I have it on good authority that Kia makes a lot of people happy. You should really look at one of those.

jacksiart | 1 octobre 2015

@ DriverZ - Don't fall for it! vperl owns a Kia dealership and is trying to drum up customers.

GLO | 1 octobre 2015

I've had SUVs in the past and like the ride height but am not willing to negatively impact my range with the greater drag the ride height might give. I love my Model S but will happily pass it on to my DH once our X comes in!

Red Sage ca us | 3 octobre 2015

"Wheel sizes range from 20 to 22 inches, and the air suspension has five settings that allow it to provide as much as nine inches of clearance for—ahem—off-roading and as little as 6.5 inches for highway driving." -- Car and Driver

NumberOne | 3 octobre 2015

@Red Sage Thanks for posting the link.