Model X seats

Model X seats

I assume this topic hasn't been broached, but I'm not sure. Anyway, my understanding is that the Model X will have "sports seats". I'm not sure what tha means, but my wife, who I would like to get an X for, is not enamored by my Model S seats. They are too firm and more masculine than feminine for sure. She likes Lexis seats that are more plush and comfy, and I'm afraid that if the seats more resemble the Model S variety (in the front primarily) without the option for more plush seats, then she will not be getting an X.

Since the Model X is not in the showrooms yet, maybe you could tell me what the seats are like and if any options will be offered. Thanks.

NumberOne | 4 novembre 2015

Since no deliveries other than the founders' have been made, no one knows. The only way to really find out is when the standard non signature options become available. Signature seats may also differ from standard production seats, so there is no point looking at them until more is known about standard production seats.

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stephen.kamichik | 9 novembre 2015

I think Tesla engineers are redesigning the second row seats. My guess is that the redesigned seats will be able to fold flat. This is why I think no signature or production Model Xs are being delivered.

bscater | 9 novembre 2015

Probably will not happen. I just do not understand why they would build a SUV with middle seats that do not fold down.

Thay are planning on have a demo here in Palm Springs the end of December or first of the year. It will be available to see and drive for reservation holders.

I am looking forward to seeing the real deal so I can educated decision between the X and S.

MrBuffer | 9 novembre 2015

Rumor has it that the second row seat problem is being "addressed". I think Tesla may have realized it's kind of a big deal for a lot of people. Question is how long would it take to redesign them and put them into production.

AlMc | 10 novembre 2015

@schwrtzfam: I sat in the seats at the X reveal. I found them comfortable but they are not as what I call 'squishy' as the Lexus seats. I would say they hace a similar 'feel' as the 'next gen seats' versus the original S seats. More plush but less than a Lexus.

Kariwood | 10 novembre 2015

I sat in the seats at the X reveal and felt they were much more comfortable than the S. I am just worried with the supply/moving seats in-house that these may not be the seats we get.

aesculus | 11 novembre 2015

I sat in the seats at the X reveal and felt they were much more comfortable than the S. I am just worried with the supply/moving seats in-house that these may not be the seats we get.

I too felt they were more comfortable than the standard MS seats. I have not yet tried the new Next Gen seats.

Are you stating that the MX seats are more comfortable than the Next Gen seats?

AlMc | 11 novembre 2015

@aesculus: My impression: X seats at reveal more comfortable than
'original seats'/comparable to 'next gen' seats/not quite as comfortable as the Lexus seats the OP was referring too.

There are several aspects of the X that bother me but seat comfort is NOT one of them.

clublon | 11 novembre 2015

For whatever it is worth, at the reveal on stage late in the evening I was asked by a person dressed all in black what I thought of the seats. I mentioned I had planned to travel the country and had a desire to be able to do some Tesla camping. In a somewhat quite voice he said the fold down seats were coming. I hope I did not get one of the workers in trouble.

ian | 11 novembre 2015

I know you're a somewhat regular poster here but I'm having a hard time believing you. The reveal was 6 weeks ago and you're just now piping up with this info?

clublon | 13 novembre 2015

I wrestled with posting it because did not want to get employee in trouble if he wasn't suppose to say anything. I had half written the comment several weeks ago then erased it. I have no reason to lie about it. Would you believe my significant other if she told you the same? She participated in the discussion as well.

ian | 13 novembre 2015

No worries clublon. I think my reaction was such because I SO WANT IT TO BE TRUE! I think others do as well (AlMc? You out there? ;-) ).

Anyway, thanks for this tidbit. I'm actually surprised no one else has commented since this issue is seemingly such a huge one for so many. Guess we're all still shellshocked regarding the 48amp charging that we can't even register the possibility of folding seats! ;-)

With the progression (or lack thereof) of Signature production and deliveries I'm starting to think the options for my <4000 production reservation are going to be quite different than what the sigs are at the moment. Just wish Tesla would get their ducks in a row and start rolling these damn things off the line!

Oh and since I was there, I wish I'd been in earshot!


AlMc | 13 novembre 2015

I believe that there will be folding second row seats. Just not in the next few months.

kittylitter | 13 novembre 2015

What if....and I do say if.....Tesla took the manufacturing of the second row seats in house not because their supplier could not produce the numbers but because they couldn't/didn't produce a folding seat.

If that is the case, this delay may surprise us with a fold-flat second row!

It's possible.......any other dreamers out there?

aesculus | 13 novembre 2015

I think it will show up June, earliest. Just late enough to upset all the sig's and early reservation holders. :-)

kittylitter | 13 novembre 2015

Sux would be my reaction to that.

AlMc | 13 novembre 2015

I will be very happy to see second row folding seats regardless of whether they are produced by Futuris or in house by Tesla. It will be bittersweet though as I had TM sitting with my Sig deposit for over two years and they refused to allow me to delay configuration waiting for the seats :(. I agree with @ausculeus that there will be some disappointed people if this happens as well as some happy people who now have another seating option.

rossRallen | 13 novembre 2015

Everyone who has a Sig X reservation has configured their vehicles with either the 6 or 7 seat option. I seriously doubt if production will halt (whenever it starts!) and we will be offered a folding seat configuration at this time. I have heard from at least three independent sources in Tesla that all Sig Xs will be delivered by the end of 2015. Too late for any changes.

It's a dead issue for the Sig X and, probably, any production models that have already been configured.

But, the non-folding second-row seats are such a massive miscalculation by Tesla - in light of the promise made in the original reveal - that I think something will be done, ...eventually.

I don't care anymore. I'm in the Acceptance Phase of the grieving process for non-folding second-row seats.

TaxDocMT | 13 novembre 2015

Assuming the folding second row seats do come true, Tesla could do a very logical (and therefore un-doable) thing - let everyone who wants folding seats move back X numbers in the reservation stream, and let those who are happy with the existing seats (i.e me!!) move up. Production proceeds a-pace (whenever it gets started), and people get what they want.

Pair that up with an upgrade in the charger, and everyone is happy again.

Sadly, this is a dream...

Red Sage ca us | 14 novembre 2015

Please understand that it will be extremely hard to do all that some seem to want with a second row seat at once in a Model X. I have seen requests that include: heated, air-conditioned, ventilated, reclining, swiveling, and folding options. They also want these to slide fore and aft, and be removable... While having integrated lap and shoulder belts... It is much more likely that your flat folding seat will end up being a 60%/40% folding bench, without a reclining function, or the ability to slide outboard seating positions individually to aid in third row access.

AlMc | 14 novembre 2015

@RedSage: And the 60:40 folding seat you describe is fine by me. :)

aesculus | 14 novembre 2015

If it can fold, it can recline. But I agree on the cooling piece and maybe the heated too, although that's just a bit of wires.

I don't need removable and don't need sliding back and forth either. And I would give up storage underneath (ie the pedestals) which should make heating/cooling easier.

Red Sage ca us | 14 novembre 2015

AlMc: Even if it is 'only' four-star rated for safety?

aesculus: I don't believe I have seen a continuous reclining second row bench seat in any vehicle manufactured after 1974. I know minors, a girl and boy both aged 14, who already stand 5'-10" and 6'-3" respectively. Whether they sit in the third row or the second, they are bound to need some legroom. It is a good idea if the seats slide, even with the large opening to assist entry/exit.

AlMc | 14 novembre 2015

@redsage: How about a 5 star instead of 5.5? I admit that I am not a mechanical engineer but I believe you will see a 5 star second row folding seat from TM in 6-12 months. IMO (opinion) TM could have had that out now. IMO, EM wanted the sculptured seats vs folding.... It was a choice of form over function or a choice of one demographic over another.
I can't prove that nor can you prove it is not correct.

I think our point of agreement could come from the fact that TM should communicate on some of the choices.. Whether it be seats or on board chargers.

To answer your question though... Personally, I would accept 4.5... But I don"'t think I would have to...