The neighborhood

The neighborhood

I live in a small community in Southern California with about 50 houses in our complex. I just found out a couple weeks ago that two of my neighbors within three houses on each side are getting Model S's. One got his two weeks ago, I get mine in March, and our third good neighbor is slated for this summer. We're all getting solar panels for the house as well. Nice to know that a lot of people are getting on board with solar.

EDH AL | 22 décembre 2012

Your neighborhood probably gets the prize for the highest density of Teslas in the world, at least at this point in time. Congratulations!

Joshua Burstyn | 22 décembre 2012

If only more neighbourhoods were as progressive as yours. Well done!

DouglasR | 22 décembre 2012

I haven't investigated very far, but I know we're only the second family on our block to get a Model S.

TikiMan | 22 décembre 2012


Just curious... Are you buying a the home solar-power system, or are you leasing it?

I am looking into solar-power, however, I am still not sure if I should buy the system (take the tax deduction, and get the federal rebate), or lease the system and just allow the solar-company insure, and maintain the system at their expence?

Any advice from others would be great!

mdennick | 22 décembre 2012

Hey there Tiki, I went with purchasing my solar system, a couple years ago. It's a small system with a goal of getting out of Edison's tier 5, down to 1 or 2. I've been very pleased. Big impact on my bill for relatively low cost. So far I'm still on track to a less the 5 year ROI (<3 left to go). Do your own calc, but with panel cost now it has to be better. When I get the Model S I may add some panels and change my Edison rate plan.

On topic; I met one gent in my city, Yorba Linda, that has his Model S. He's about a mile away, so I'm the only one in my neighborhood that I know of. I'm guessing I'll be the first...soon after they start 60s.

Except for boleoleo's pretty pearl white S I still haven't seen one in the wild.


TeslaLABlue | 22 décembre 2012

I am getting one Feb delivery in Marina Del Rey CA... and my neighbor is getting one this month. Also 2 blocks away in Venice CA my friend knows of at least 2 others that are getting a model S.

I gather Venice beach will be filled with model S's as everyone has $$ and every other person has a Prius.

TikiMan | 22 décembre 2012

Thanks for the info Michael!

Yes, after doing a bit of research, it appears if you run a business from home (like I do), the write-off combined with the rebates (and Model S), make it crazy NOT to buy a system.

From what I now understand, leasing makes more sense for someone who doesn't own a home based business, and would have to finance to buy it (none of which applies to me).

The only drawback I discovered is; My current roof is what is known as a 'roof-over', meaning that before I bought my home, the former owner had the old wood-shake shingles just re-tiled over the old one. Thus, the solar panels are not allowed by code to sit on top of anything less than solid plywood and some type of shingle.
Thus, there will be added cost involved, however, compared to my current SCE power-provider rates, it is still worth it in the long run.

Motoring | 23 décembre 2012

Tiki, Regarding solar and buying vs. leasing, we are actually doing something in-between with Solar City. We are pre-paying for power from solar captured by a system on our roof fully installed, maintained, and insured by SC. The deal is they guarantee a certain number of kWh each year over a 20 year period at a fixed price of 8.5 cents p/kwh. We are in Oregon and even with the seasonal great NW gloom and rain we'll be able to generate enough electricity over the course of a year to cut our annual electric utility bill almost in half (Pacific Power has fixed charges not tied to usage). As utility rates climb, the impact will affect only 50% of our power usage. The cost? We've opted for a prepaid plan where we've paid $10K upfront but will recover the $6K federal tax credit over 4 years. The $4k difference is made up over the 20 years of the program. Break-even is around 7 year. Annual ROI close to 9% based on the 20 yr. period. Your follow-up comment said you operate a home business in California, so the calculus may be different for you than us. However, this may be useful info. for others. We also love the fact SC is another of Elon's interests and the great innovator of our times is on a roll!

pvenkate | 23 décembre 2012

Motoring: What capacity solar system are you installing? What does your utility provided power cost you on average per Kwh at this moment? Thanks. | 23 décembre 2012

About 4 years ago I had solar panels installed (30 panels) on my roof. This summer about 5 homes in my neighborhood had Solar City install panels for them. I will soon have my MS and I hope that in a few years I see more Teslas in the neighborhood. It costs more out of pocket, but it is nice to be on the leading edge.

olanmills | 24 décembre 2012

Things brings up something I have been thinking about for a while which is though the production volume is extremely low compared to other manufacturers, the bulk of the Model Ses are likely to be concentrated in a few metropolitan areas in the US.

Thankfully, I'm not one for vanity, so it doesn't matter that much, but I do have to admit, part of the reason I chose green is because I expected it to be one of the less popular colors.

Motoring | 24 décembre 2012

Hi pvenKate,

The system will generate 6,689 kWh annually.This is guaranteed by Solar City for each of the 20 years at $0.0809 per kWh if not realized. The per kWh for Pacific Power right now for us is $0.0910 per kWh. Historically PP's rate goes up 3.3% a year. Hope this helps.

Motoring | 24 décembre 2012

The other aspect to getting solar is knowing how much better the feeling will be knowing our new Tesla - when we get it - will be powered through our won roof system - at least partially :)

trapae | 24 décembre 2012

I am doing the 20 year lease program for the solar panels. No money down but fixed so it will not go up every year. My wife wants to move to Hawaii within the next 10 years so I thought purchasing would not be the way to go. I have also heard that the technology of solar panels are increasing exponentially so buying the system might be the wrong way to go. My estimated amount of savings per month is a little over 300, after taking into account the added nightly tesla charging. i figure $300 savings for doing absolutely nothing is a win win. i know i lose the rebates to the company but again no money down for savings sounds good to me. i live by the beach and we have a lot of misty days. i also have a roof with many angles so they cannot fit tons of panels on. people who live inland with better roofs can probably save way more. hope that helps.

TeslaLABlue | 24 décembre 2012

Neighborhood way off topic. perhaps we need a solar thread?

TikiMan | 24 décembre 2012


I kind of like the fact that this thread is kind of hidden from possible solar-spammers. Besides, most of us are home-owners, and live in a 'neighborhood', so it's not completely off-topic.