Is the NEMA 6-50 outlet supported now? (and more outlet questions)

Is the NEMA 6-50 outlet supported now? (and more outlet questions)

It says the NEMA 6-50 is supported on the outlets section of the Model S site however my rep said they only support 14-50 a few months ago when I signed my order form. I have an existing 6-50 outlet in my garage now is why I ask. Has anyone who has received a car used a 6-50 outlet?

If it is not supported does anyone know how difficult it is to change to a 14-50 outlet? Is it just an actual outlet change or is it different number of phases requiring a different amount of cables to be run? Sorry, I know next to nothing about this.

Also my outlet says 50A-250V vs the 40A-240V on the Tesla site. Is that OK or does it mean it is not compatible?

Thanks, its time to get an electrician to the house so I can make sure I am ready for my Tesla but I want to make sure I understand what to tell them to do.

family | 27 novembre 2012

I have a NEMA 6-50 connector from Tesla and it works fine.

I'm not very knowledgeable electrically, but I think you're fine on the 40 vs. 50A. My understanding is the outlet and breaker must be 50A for the car to draw 40A. That 20% spread is required for safety. (A device on a 30A outlet can only draw 24A and on a 15A outlet can only draw 12A.)

mrspaghetti | 27 novembre 2012


If you're getting information from a Tesla employee that conflicts with what's on the website, trust the website. It's pretty well established that many Tesla people are less knowledgeable than many posters on this forum. For example, I called my local Tesla store today to ask how many license plate screw holes were in the Model S and was told 2. But I learned from some owners on this forum that there are actually 4. The Tesla employee was apparently too lazy to take the frame off to check.

Sad, but true.

ReeceWeb | 28 novembre 2012

@Scorch: Are you sure your rep said it wasn't supported, or did they say it wasn't available?

I asked about getting a full set of adapters when I signed my paperwork a few months ago, and at that time was told only the 14-50 and 5-15 were available. Perhaps this was just a miscommunication?

family | 28 novembre 2012

As of last month when I got the 6-50, only it and the 14-50 and 5-15 were available.

Scorch | 28 novembre 2012

@ReeceWeb that is what I was told as well. But it seems moot as Dadaleus got a 6-50 so I am all set. Thanks for letting me know I am in the clear! :)