New Mats and/or Carpets

New Mats and/or Carpets

Was at SC yesterday and saw a lot of new cars waiting for delivery -> end of the quarter so Euro deliveries high. In fact 130 cars to be deliveredin Belgium this month.

The latest VIN I saw was in the 40800 range and I noticed anchor points for mats in the carpets. The SC manager told me this was recently added, but I can't recall seeing any forum post on it.

No sign of Alcantara dash though...

43137 | 24 juin 2014

My delivery is in 2 days (Delivery June 26th, ordered April 22nd, Canada).
That is quite a few VINs.

I ordered Weather Tech floor mats and noticed it came with two anchors. Both on side nearest driver seat. One was center and the other was to the left of center.

Related question, is this where the anchor points are in the stock mats? I did not take notice when I had the chance.

david.baird | 24 juin 2014

To the best of my recollection, these looked like they were about 35% forward of the seat and on the left and right. | 24 juin 2014

Anchor points are new - I haven't seen them in any 2012, 2013 or early 2014 cars here. I install my own carpet anchor points with upgraded carpets.

griffd | 24 juin 2014

My car (38141) has velcro anchor points, and they look nice and are nice and thick, but they seem to have a flaw. After my car was detailed at the Queens service center, I noticed that the mat was displaced. When I picked it up, I noticed that the circle of velcro from the mat had stuck to the velcro on the floor and come off the adhesive on the mat. In other words, the velcro was stronger than the adhesive they used, and the wrong layer separated. I'm going to let them know when I bring it back to get the pano roof fixed once again.

jordanrichard | 24 juin 2014

My car (del. March 29, '14) has floor mats that have a series of rubber "teeth" if you will and they stay put. I don't see a need for actual anchors.

The reason the winter Weathertech mats need anchors is because they are simply rubber mats wit no means to grip the carpet underneath.