New Sunset Red Pics

New Sunset Red Pics

This seems to be the least publicized color - anyone have new Get Amped or other pics?

iridium | 2 août 2012
Schlermie | 2 août 2012

Here's a sample. I haven't actually seen it in person, but many folks have been raving about it. Judging from the photos, it just seems to be the standard cliche red that every car maker has available for their sports cars. Can someone comment if there's something about this red which isn't being captured in the photos posted on the internet?

hatchel88 | 2 août 2012

I was hoping sunset red would be darker. I love the metallic burgundy that Lexus uses on their cars, but sunset red is just RED. Sports car red, not luxury car red, which will be fine for many people. After seeing the colors in person am now leaning towards the blue.

mlascano | 2 août 2012

hatchel88, Signature Red is closer the metallic burgundy you're mentioning (Lexus calls it Matador Red Mica). If Tesla offered a true Performance exterior trim (less exterior chrome, maybe replaced by CF/matte black), the Model S in Sunset Red would look VERY sporty.

mlascano | 2 août 2012

Typo: "closer to..."

JohnQ | 2 août 2012

Yup, it's just red. But, in my opinion, much less boring than all the other options that Tesla has available. The blue and green are so muted that it's tough to tell that they're not black or grey, respectively, unless it's bright and sunny. I tend to like blue on a care but it simply looked black to me so I'll be deferring until the red is available.

cybercop | 3 août 2012

It is sports car red, to be sure. Nothing sophisticated at all about it, but darn it still looks great.

kingkong | 3 août 2012

no offence to the sunset red lovers. this red on a sports car is sports car red. on a sedan it remind me of a pontiac sunbird or a toyota tercel.

David Trushin | 3 août 2012

This red is very disappointing. If I really wanted spors car red, I would buy a sports car. Why can't we get the signature red, or one very much like it?

brianman | 3 août 2012

Simple answer. If R/P could get "Signature Red" then it would no longer be "Signature" but just "A Red".

Larry Chanin | 3 août 2012

Here's a photo I took at Fremont. Sunset Red is not for everyone, but it certainly makes a statement, and what better car to make a statement than with a Model S. This is a pure personal taste issue, but if I weren't getting Signature model with Signature Red, I would have selected Sunset Red with a General Production reservation.


Teoatawki | 3 août 2012

I think this photo makes the red look as good as I've ever seen it! I haven't seen it in person, so I can't compare with seeing it live. I could live with this!

wholland | 3 août 2012

I love this red! By far my favorite color so far. I'm with JohnQ, and will probably have to delay ordering to wait for its availability. Tesla, please make this color avail this year!!!

mklcolvin | 3 août 2012

Great pictures everyone! This is the color that I REALLY want, so I'm hoping that TM will make it available right after New Year's. That's about when I'm looking for my P5058 (although with the change in production I may be looking at April?)

kcveins | 4 août 2012

Of course, everyone knows that drivers of red cars get more speeding tickets :-)

bob | 4 août 2012

Yeah but the tickets are worth it..The best red I ever saw was my sweeties Alfa. A deep blood red. What surprises me was how nice the brown looks. I had a Vette that color so it's a favorite. The brown with a Nappa leather would not be too bad. The blue and green are just so muted.

JohnQ | 5 août 2012

@kcveins i onow your comment is toungue in cheek, I've had red cars for 20 years and consistently drive 80 mph on the highway. Have had 1 ticket (camera speed trap in South Carolina). Drove a black car as a teenager and had two tickets within 3 weeks. Of course, one person does not make a trend.

Brian H | 5 août 2012

Red cars are highly visible, hence safer. Black, grey, and dark colors are hard to pick out, especially in questionable lighting, hence are more dangerous. Cops instinctively punish them!

DarrellH | 5 août 2012

Before we configured our Roadster I asked a couple of policemen if it was true that they don't see orange cars. They both laughed.

But then they said that they normally spot speeders by the sound the cars make. Since they won't hear us, we may get away without being spotted.

So far I've been stopped only once in over 3 years with a Very Orange daily driver Roadster. And that stop resulted in no ticket (though it was well deserved). Maybe we will slip through the no sound loophole.

Brian H | 5 août 2012

Suggests a tactic: when stopped, offer to swap cars for 10 miles or so. <;)

Larry Chanin | 5 août 2012

Here's a photo I took at Dania Beach, Florida.


Volker.Berlin | 6 août 2012

Larry Chanin, thank you for your pictures! If your pictures do the color any justice, then I like this red very much. Although it doesn't really matter b/c the wife has the final word on the color (in trade for me deciding the other options :-).

DarrellH | 6 août 2012

Brian H, I like the idea. But only if I can use the lights and siren while chasing my own car.

Larry Chanin | 6 août 2012


Larry Chanin, thank you for your pictures! If your pictures do the color any justice, then I like this red very much. Although it doesn't really matter b/c the wife has the final word on the color (in trade for me deciding the other options :-).

You're welcome. The photos were taken with an inexpensive camera, but I found the color very compelling when viewed in person. As I said this is the color I would have selected if I were getting a General Production Model S.

You are very wise to defer to your wife on color selections.

Happy wife, happy life! ;-)


TeslaLABlue | 6 août 2012

Wow Sunset Red just looks terrible to me...just my 2 cents. I cant place what it is... just makes the car look like some toy or some bad aftermarket paint job.

I love the signature red. Hope they use that on standard model also.

Larry Chanin | 6 août 2012

Hi Larry,

Okay, one Larry for, one Larry against. ;-)


jerry3 | 6 août 2012

Red cars always make me want to look for the gold "Fire Department" lettering :-)

TeslaLABlue | 6 août 2012

I like red, I guess it just depends on the type of red. Ya cant please everyone.

Klaus | 6 août 2012

You really need to see the red in person. Although the pics look good, it doesn't do the color justice. It's hard to explain, but up close the metallic shine and depth can only be appreciated in the flesh. I'm happy with my sig red, but seeing the sunset red in Dania Beach really blew me away.

Brian H | 6 août 2012

Is it the same as what Porsche owners call, "Chase-Me red"?


Michael23 | 6 août 2012

Not bad, but can't stop looking at the white one behind it ;)

Actually red looks good with the silver rims. Better than the other colors I think. Otherwise I only like dark.

Electric Machete | 7 août 2012

I saw the Sunset Red at the DC test drive and I thought it was even more vibrant and bright than what appears in the photos that have been posted here (although they are the best pics I have seen so far). If you like bright red sports cars then you will love the Sunset Red. I think it compares in "redness" to a Ferrari. It certainly will turn heads and I think it looks the sportiest. That being said, I think I am going black/black even though I live in South Florida.

Vall | 7 août 2012

Waiting for brilliant yellow! And for the money from my bet that north korea will win the most medals at the olympics... so that I can buy one.

Brian H | 8 août 2012

Here's Mercedes version of that red, on the SL550 Roadster:

For only $105K to $150K.