New Tesla Video

New Tesla Video

MandL | 11 avril 2012

What a blast! I'm so jealous of the folks whose job it is to go spends days spinning a Model S around on snow and ice...

mvbf | 11 avril 2012

Looks great from standpoint of grip. I am still concerned with clearance after watching the video. Do you think they test the Model S on dirt roads with washboard, scrabble, ruts and mud?

mvbf | 11 avril 2012

Also I wonder how the different tires tested? It looks like whatever comes with the standard wheels was tested in the video. I believe I remember a Canadian or European commentator saying that winter tires were the law where they were from, and they were told there would be a winter tire option. Anyone else remember this comment or thread?

stevenmaifert | 11 avril 2012

Watched the video a couple of times. If you pause it in the right spots, you can see that both the 19 & 21 inch wheels were tested.

kevjo | 12 avril 2012

Kinda makes me want to move to Minnesota.

Brian H | 12 avril 2012

Go whole hog and try ND, boom-town! Plus true mid-continental snow experience.


Brian H | 12 avril 2012

Of course, as an EV driver you'd be unemployable ...

joesontesla | 13 avril 2012

If my S is delivered in winter, extremely probable. I absolutely need winter tyres in Quebec (canada) by the law and climate. Ive tryed Nokian Hakkapeliitta 2 and hakka 5 these are the best winter tyres i know, believe me i know. These studded tyres can scratch concrete surface.