New Videos are up on Tesla's Blog

New Videos are up on Tesla's Blog

The "Revealing Model S Beta" blog entry dated October 4, 2011 now shows new videos, pictures, and a few links to news reports.

mwu | 12 octobre 2011

I checked it out earlier this morning -- I enjoyed the customer first ride responses a lot.

BYT | 12 octobre 2011

I love this quote from that link, "We haven't felt a ride this smooth since driving the Rolls Royce Ghost, a car that starts at nearly $250,000." Now hearing that, doesn't the car feel like a steal starting at $50k?

Volker.Berlin | 12 octobre 2011

Is there anybody from this forum among the customer first ride responses? It would be fun to see someone I "know" from this forum in person (or in video, at least).

Volker.Berlin | 12 octobre 2011

In the "Beta Reveal Pt. 1: Intro & Safety" video you can actually see the retractable door handle in action, retracting itself at about 1:00 min. And nobody seems to notice... ;-)

gjunky | 14 octobre 2011

You can see it retract again too on the shot from above at about 1:02 (the opening is a little before the 0:48 mark).

It seems to close really quickly (time from open to close) and it did it automatically. It doesn't look like they stay open much passed the time when you close the doors

BruceR | 15 octobre 2011

Thanks for pointing out the door handle actually working on the white Beta 1 used on day two. The Signature Red Beta 1 they used on day one did not work correctly IMO. Elon had to wait for the people in the car to let themselves out of the car on the first night. I was in the front row looking for that exact moment and nothing happened to the fancy door handles. He even had the roof not respond correctly when he tried to close it. He was obviously a bit nervous and these couple of bugs did put him even further of his game. He did way better than I ever would under that much pressure! This tape from day two shows a much more polished delivery with everything working to perfection.

Lots of bugs to work out, but that's why they are only Beta 1s!

Anybody actually see the windows working in any videos?? I couldn't believe how quite the sound was with the windows completely open. Many people I asked later didn't even realise until prompted that the windows were actually all the way down the entire time.

petero | 16 octobre 2011

To BruceR. I did not see the window operating on a video. However, I rode in the Red Beta at Fremont and asked the driver to put up the driver and passenger windows on the test ride, which he did, I wanted to see how quiet the car was...Very.

The Froq | 16 octobre 2011

I found this new video on Youtube. The new Model S entering a Tesla store. Nice to see the lights of the car, it gives a good idea of the size of the car.

Slindell | 16 octobre 2011

Thanks TF. Anyone else notice at after 3:00 someone un-folds the passenger side mirror?

Volker.Berlin | 17 octobre 2011

Yes, that part immediately struck me. But as Mycroft pointed out in the other thread, this does not mean a lot except that it is not yet the production solution. No way you can sell a car in the $57k+ range without power-folding mirrors. Well, at least not in Germany, I guess.

Brian H | 17 octobre 2011

As I mentioned elsewhere, you'd probably want the mirror to give way if bumped from the front. So maybe both electric and manual.

The Froq | 17 octobre 2011

Does anyone has any idea what is the purpose of square hole at the bottom of the mirror?
(last picture)

EdG | 17 octobre 2011

@TF: Sorry... The last picture of what? I don't know which photo you're talking about...

The Froq | 17 octobre 2011
Kallisman | 17 octobre 2011

@The Froq
I believe that's not a hole, but a lamp.

Volker.Berlin | 17 octobre 2011

@The Froq, the comment accompanying that video says: "It also contains close shots of the dashboard, the charging port, and the courtesy lights underneath the exterior mirrors." So I guess, that's what it is. :-)