No alarm?

No alarm?

The Model S is the best car in the world, but why is they're no alarm!? The is no button on the key that's for an alarm,there's no alarm logo, there is no sign. Is they're an alarm or not!?!?

MandL | 3 août 2012

These days when people hear a car alarm going off the first reaction is almost universally "hurry up and steal it and get that noise out of here!"

mbcaffe | 3 août 2012

the spec page still shows
"Anti-theft alarm and immobilizer system"
btw. my bmw key does not show an alarm logo or sign either. just press down for a few seconds on the lock button. probably the same on tesla.

Theresa | 3 août 2012

And they are going to? hotwire the car? Steal the air conditioner? Break the windows since the door handles didn't pop out for them? I can't think of how an alarm would even be useful other than for maybe preventing theft of the display. Since I don't know how that is installed I am not sure that is even easily done without taking off the dash. I think this car by default is immobilized.

If I am wrong please correct me.

kublai | 3 août 2012

An iphone app alert would be nice just in case of the slight chance the thief happens to hotwire/hack the car.

mbcaffe | 3 août 2012

the only value is that you get a discount from the insurance company for having an alarm

ThorensP | 3 août 2012

Does the Model S not have GPS? Am I wrong in thinking that the iPhone App will let you track where the car is? I've been assuming that any thief would be an idiot since we would be able to track the car on the app, maybe even start/stop the engine.

petero | 3 août 2012

To me, the only good feature of an alarm is the panic button on the fob. When you can’t remember exactly where you parked your car, it can call out to you. The lighter side of Alzheimer.

Leofingal | 3 août 2012

My current car has an alarm, but the only time it's been a factor was when I locked the car with the windows down, then decided to reach in to get something. Much to my surprise the alarm went off, and it took me some time to dig out my keys!

Brian H | 3 août 2012

akimball | August 3, 2012 new
Does the Model S not have GPS? Am I wrong in thinking that the iPhone App will let you track where the car is? I've been assuming that any thief would be an idiot since we would be able to track the car on the app, maybe even start/stop the engine.

The current response to GPS by thieves is to stash the car somewhere out of the way, like a clearing off a rural sideroad, and then watch to see if someone comes to get it. If it's ignored for a few days, they then come and finish the theft! (This actually happened, IIRC, to one of the first Roadsters to tour Europe.)

MandL | 4 août 2012

Let's hope there is no remote shut-off in the app. Someday your husband may be your ex-husband, especially if you're never home because you're having an affair with your Model S.

Brian H | 4 août 2012

Which brings up a techie question. Does the console screen have a built-in webcam?

BYT | 4 août 2012

@Brian H, Do you want to video conference in your Model S, you crazy multitasker you! :)

Timo | 4 août 2012

Well, webcam could be rather nasty thief trap. Take a video of whoever is stealing your car and store it somewhere in the cloud. Other than that I would not want such thing in the car. Activate also rear backup camera to video your surroundings. hmmm...add one camera watching the charging cable? Those things are very cheap and tiny nowadays, every single phone has them. Why not get 360 degree video of the surroundings if alarm activates?

Could help cops quite a bit to identify the thief if someone steals your cable or tries to steal your car.

Brian H | 4 août 2012

I was more thinking about remotely spying on/monitoring what's going on in the car when someone else is at the wheel or otherwise fooling around with/in it ... ;)

BYT | 4 août 2012

@Brian H, I got that, but it would be more practical to request it for video conferencing. In the 20 years I have been driving, I have never had my car stolen. Broken into, yes, but it was always on the passenger side so that camera will do little to help.

I see the Model S as being "difficult" to steal, but I agree with others that the 17" screen looks tempting to those "knuckleheads" to quote Charles Barkley.

Robert22 | 4 août 2012

The car is a wifi hotspot. For less than $200.00 you could stick a low profile wifi pan and tilt camera anywhere in the cabin that could be controlled from your iPhone. The camera could be set for motion sensing so it sends a series of stills to alert you that some over inquisitive individual has breached a pre-defined perimeter. You could then activate the outboard speaker and give a warning: "Please step away from the premium electric vehicle! ". If necessary, a short acting nerve agent could be released from the wif- activated gas cartridge discretely attached to the undercarriage should the threat persist.

Brian H | 5 août 2012

I was thinking more along the lines of a multi-barrel 500,000-volt taser mount. A few hundred ms of 1 or 2 ma should suffice.

EcLectric | 5 août 2012

Do the rear oil (olive oil of course) and nail dispensers come standard, or do you have to get the 007 package for that?

Sudre_ | 5 août 2012

Nail dispensers and oil slicks are part of the 003.5 package. (you have to have a license to insult for that package)

The rocket launchers and exploding car alarm is part of the 007 package. (you have to have a license to kill for that package)

I almost bought a camera like Robert22 is talking about for my house. They are not that expensive although the reviews vary widely between manufacturers so choose carefully.

Brian H | 5 août 2012

003.5 -- A half-assed 007 package, for public consumption! Good idea ...

ruprecht111 | 6 août 2012

Regarding an alarm system, my Mercedes M class has an alarm system with M-Brace. Twice it was broken into in a crowded parking lot in the local health club at 8:00 am in the morning. The alarm went off with no one noticing, and I received a text/call from M-Brace after the fact. The first time it was $3,500 in damage, $450 the second (the second time they just broke the rear door opera window and popped the lock, the first time they tried to pry open the door. Even with the alarm system, my insurance company tried to cancel me until I filed a complaint with the state insurance regulators. So how valuable is an alarm? I guess the ignition/power cut-off is most valuable, but beside that who knows?

TeslaLABlue | 6 août 2012

I hope all cars from now on have no alarms. I Live in Los Angeles and have not used a car alarm in 22 years. Guess what... never had my car broken into or stolen. Jeep Grand Jerroke and Audi A4 parked everywhere from Downtown LA to Hollywood.

Car alarms are just noise pollution.

A lojack type system is fine with me... just please no noise.

jerry3 | 6 août 2012

The purpose of an alarm system should be to deter the thief from targeting your car. Noise that goes on after the window is broken is a "fail" because the damage is already done. Ideally, when someone without a fob gets close to the car a warning sign should light up saying that they are being recorded on video and the pictures are being broadcast real-time via WiFi.

brianman | 6 août 2012

"Ideally, when someone without a fob gets close to the car a warning sign should light up saying that they are being recorded on video and the pictures are being broadcast real-time via WiFi."

Add this to my wishlist. ;)

Brian H | 6 août 2012

"Smile, you're on Candid WiFi!"

Rod and Barbara | 7 août 2012

The Model S does have an alarm. It is based off embedded accelerometers in the vehicle. If someone were to hit your car, break a window or otherwise disturb it, the alarm will sound. To deactivate the alarm, you unlock the vehicle using the key fob.

brianman | 7 août 2012

@RaB - Nifty! Thanks for sharing this nugget.

Robert22 | 7 août 2012

Accelerometers? So we really are for all intents and purposes sitting in an iPad. This could represent the next evolution in ultra-realistic arcade-like gaming. While sitting in the car, an animated slalom course could be projected onto traffic and viewed on the touchscreen. You could race a simulated competitor for the fastest time. For the more law-abiding, rainy days could be spent in the garage re-living one's Pole Position days.....sigh.

Rod and Barbara | 8 août 2012

We posted yesterday about the alarm details for the Model S. The Specs page lists an Alarm and Immobilizer system. Here is what Tesla told us about the immobilizer system: “The Model S immobilizer is connected to the unique identifier in your key. Essentially, if the key is not inside the vehicle it will be “immobile.” On a gas powered vehicle the purpose of this system is to make it impossible to hot wire the engine. On Model S it just ensures that without the key the vehicle cannot drive away.”