Ordered :)

Ordered :)

Order done today :)

We tried and tried to do it from the display car's browser, no luck.

Would've been a great story to have, ordered my Tesla from a Tesla! But at the end of the day I'm getting my Tesla!

Now 2 months of waiting...

MacDaddyDude | 17 juillet 2014

Congratulations! Details, please.

CRASCH | 17 juillet 2014

Congratulations! I ordered a couple weeks ago. I'm in the same waiting boat as you Sundoc...
MacDaddyDude since you asked Sundoc. Here is what I ordered two weeks ago (Late September Delivery...

P85+ Pearl White/Tan
Grey wheels.
Every option except paint film...

I also reserved an X...

carlk | 17 juillet 2014

Congrats to both. I took delivery of my P85+, also pearl white and grey wheels but with black interior, about four months ago. Still amazed by the car everyday.

Webcrawler | 17 juillet 2014

I hate to tell you but you just walked into the Tesla Time Bubble. 10 minutes in the bubble is only 1 minute in normal space time....

michael1800 | 17 juillet 2014

What options did you order? Out of curiosity, what state are you taking the dive in? Regardless, welcome aboard, it's soooo worth it. Many of us haunt the forums and refresh the My Tesla page daily until's nerve wracking anticipation, but still oh so sweet in the end. :)

johncrab | 17 juillet 2014

Congrats and welcome to the Dark Side. :)

Shesmyne2 | 17 juillet 2014

Welcome to the club!

Still Grinning ;-) | 17 juillet 2014

You will enjoy this journey....congratulations!

socalsam | 17 juillet 2014

After months of waiting, my p85 is in production. Delivery confirmed for the 28th.

arldent3300 | 17 juillet 2014

Congratulations to both of you. After 9 weeks of waiting, I will be taking delivery of my P85 next Wed. morning :))))))))))) To pass the time and to make it easier to handle the agonizing wait I practically glue myself to this forum and also TMC forum. I learned a lot from great posters; there are some awesome people here. Be sure to by the book "Owning Model S" by Nick J. Howe. LOL this forum could be very addicting so be careful if you also have a day job. BTW, when I confirmed my order, I did not follow up with the person who took my order until like 3 weeks later to see how it was going, I then found out he moved to China and somehow, no one could explain how it happened or what happened to my order which I was told to expect at the end of June or first week of July at the latest was not going to happen. I was told to expect at the earliest August 18 unless something came up like an opening on the line. My expected date changed 3 times so it is best to touch base with the person who took your order sooner than I did to make sure your order was indeed put in. Welcome to the club.

sundoc | 17 juillet 2014

Thanks all :)

I've actually been on this forum for months (along with TMC), regarding everything and anything I can about this awesome car. Still gotta get the book though... probably order it over the weekend.

So here is what I got:
Red P85+/black performance/carbon fiber, grey rims, every option except the upgrade stereo, paint protection and napa.

Has anyone taken delivery with the new alcantara upper dash trim? I'm thinking of opting out.

Oh yeah, Michael1800: Not a state, province rather :) Ontario | 17 juillet 2014

Congrats on the order...welcome to the longest two months of your life. :)

AndyHSoCa | 17 juillet 2014

Hey, congrats to you too! But who says we have to be patient as we wait??

karmamule | 18 juillet 2014

Congrats @Sundoc and @Crasch!! Always nice to see new faces.

@Webcrawler, that is *so* true. So agonizingly true.

Captain_Zap | 18 juillet 2014

I agree karmamule. Most of us got started here when this was exclusively a delivery waiting room.

It is always fun to re-live the thrill of anticipating getting your hands on your Model S.

jjs | 18 juillet 2014

Congrats. Enjoy. | 18 juillet 2014

I think the only option to pass the time quickly is to take a two month vacation at some place REALLY great. :)

NKYTA | 18 juillet 2014


Brian H | 20 juillet 2014

The Waiters' Challenge: Refrain from logging on to your order page for a day! Report if you succeed, or the gruesome details of your failure.

arldent3300 | 20 juillet 2014

@ Brian H

I can proudly say that I failed miserably at that Waiters' Challenge :)))))))))))

cynix | 20 juillet 2014

For an entire day? I can't even go an hour without checking it! Alas still no VIN :(