Performance of OEM 19" tires

Performance of OEM 19" tires

I just got my Tesla S P85 Wednesday with all options but the rear seats. The day I got it the roads were a bit wet from some light rain. The first time I floored it on my local two lane highway, the car oscillated some side to side under full power. Today, the roads are dry and I still feel the car swaying a bit when I stomp on it. I'm thinking it's the tires. I bought the car with the 19" setup to get more mileage.

The OEM tires (Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 - High Performance All-Season) are not rated very well. Coming from my 2012 BMW 535i, loaded with M-Sport package, sport transmission, anti-roll stabilizer bars, active steering, etc., which came with Dunlop Sport Maxx GT DSST - Max Performance Summer tires that are rated decent, but not up with the best in category, the Tesla's all out acceleration is awesome, but it doesn't feel rock stable like my BMW.

Anybody else thought about upgrading the 19" tires?

smd | 25 janvier 2013

I have an 85, not a P85. My initial impression compared to the Michelin Pilot Sport AS that are on my Infiniti G35S is that is there is a bit of wiggle compared to the Michelin, but that improved with Sport steering mode, which is what I drive in most of the time now. You do have more power and torque going to the tires, so that's Tesla was smart to make the 21" summer performance tires the standard for a P85. Overall, I'm happy with the 19" tires for a non-performance Model S, but I'll probably go with better rated tires when it's time to replace in a couple of years.

stevenmaifert | 25 janvier 2013

I have a non-P 85 with 19 inchers. I get a little bit of sway when I floor it, but not planning to race at Le Mans so no big deal. The good news is Mark didn't report the wheels spinning on the wet road which is +1 for the Traction Control.

Brian H | 25 janvier 2013

There's a film on new tires that may need to wear off, too.

rlpm | 25 janvier 2013

And check your tire pressures with a good meter. There are a few reports of high pressures from the factory. Incorrect pressure means less contact with the ground & therefore degraded handling, particularly when trying to convert all that torque to forward motion.

Cattledog | 26 janvier 2013

rlpm - Yes, my tires were from 48-55, I believe 45 is recommended, so stories over over-inflation are true, so I deflated...sounds like the fiscal cliff!