Performance upgrade to the Model S

Performance upgrade to the Model S

Michael23 | 6 octobre 2012

I checked with rep and he said it's only for track racing intentions and no word on price, date or if you can upgrade after delivery.

sergiyz | 6 octobre 2012

McLaren is a very well-balanced car on a track, a bit dull but solid and easy to drive. Turbo adds some lag and the doors are stupid.
If tesla makes S corner like mp4 though, I'm definitely in, there will be no lag on S, but it will need to lose some weight or/and get more power.

Brian H | 7 octobre 2012

I suggest a counteweight just above the battery that moves in the direction of a turn, keeping the COG even more centered. <8-0

BYT | 7 octobre 2012

That article suggests that not only is an upgrade coming but that it was also announced.

petero | 7 octobre 2012

sergiyz . Keeping in mind the “S” is a luxury-Premium car that affords speed, vg handling, quiet, and comfort. One of my fondest racing memories was attending the 1970 Trans Am race at Laguna Seca. Parnelli Jones won in his Boss Mustang. Parnelli left the track driving a Lincoln…drinking a beer (Oly). Track car/street car. My suggestion. Buy your performance “S” and spend $50K on a pre-owned Ariel Atom and rip your cheeks off on track days.

I understand Elon Musk’s Black-Performance-Sig has some chassis-handling upgrades that are not yet available. My point is, this may not be an ideal test car to lend to every journalist who wants to write a review. To journalists, the “S” is un-obtainium. On the other hand, in the performance-muscle car era, Jim Wanger always had Royal Pontiac tweak the GTOs that magazines evaluated. Royal’s blueprinted and specially tuned GTOs always outperformed factory spec. car. I guess it is all about selling the sizzle.

sergiyz | 7 octobre 2012


Yeah, ideally one would have a special car for every occasion, but my garage is not large enough for that just yet ;)
Atoms are really hard to find used, a new one is $52k bare bones and almost twice that with options (like breaks that work).
You can get several good two-seaters for this amount.
I had a vette that I drove every day and was also taking to Laguna Seca for open track days, and to autoX events.
Porsche Cayman is another great option, and you can drive it every day and everywhere.
I needed a 4-seater though.
Besides, I've spent about 3 days this year on a track vs trying to beat the traffic or standing still in it the rest of the time.
If nothing else, a carpool sticker on Tesla S should improve my commute a lot, and it's still a drivers car.
I want it to be like an M5 or a Jag XFR, since it's in that price range (actually about $5k-15k more).
Acceleration-wise it's there, cornering - not so much.
Elon is a perfectionist though, so it will happen.