Poll: Any love for Falcon Wing Doors?--Closed

Poll: Any love for Falcon Wing Doors?--Closed

In response to Falcon Wing Door debate again, please participate to the poll at this link:

You can get a real time update at:

It is not scientific but it can be a good tool to measure how fervent the pros and antis are.

Ankit Mishra | 2 octobre 2015

I like FWD (as of now). I am not voting as I don't want to skew results as I am a non owner.

Tâm | 2 octobre 2015

@Ankit Mishra

We don't discriminate around here, poor, rich, females, males, owners, non-owners...

It's a public opinion poll to see what ticks people off or not.

jdb | 2 octobre 2015

You left out very important vote: I am purchasing MX because it has Falcon Wing Doors (among many other reasons), and would not purchase without. My vote.

Tâm | 2 octobre 2015


People would buy or not buy because of many reasons.

What we want to narrow down is how one factor would negatively affect the sales.

One prior example is if Tesla introduces Smiley Saving Screen when your car goes to sleep:

If the poll shows there are more pro-sales then anti-sales, then that Smiley Saving Screen may not adversely affect the sales.

Of course people may buy because of other reasons, not because of smiley screen. However, in this case smiley screen is not irritating enough to deflate the pro-sales.

However, if the number for more anti-sales are much more than pro-sales because the introduction of smiley screen, then that smiley screen implementation may have to be evaluated.

Thanks for voting or not voting either way.

NumberOne | 2 octobre 2015

Did the poll, but I can tell you in advance that a significant majority will get the car with or without falcon wing doors, since they made their reservations knowing full well that is what they will be getting.

ageorge97 | 2 octobre 2015

I think they are great, offer ease of entry, they're cool, and allow large objects in and out. My wife points out that her mother, age 85, will be able to get in out easily.

jdb | 2 octobre 2015

You may not have understood my comment. I am purchasing MX because it has falcon wing doors. Period. Without them would not purchase vehicle. That vote option does not show up in your poll. Which is silly anyway with all due respect. The car is already designed and being produced.

EVino | 2 octobre 2015

The structuring of your survey questions will make a social scientist cringe! It fails the dichotomous test. Sorry, Tam :)

Tâm | 2 octobre 2015


I am sorry that the title is not clear.

This poll is because of this thread:

"Falcon doors will harm sale of Model X"

This is not a new statement. It has been around as soon as people first discovered the Falcon Wing Doors.

There are a group of people who think Falcon Wing Doors will negatively affect the sales.

My title for this thread should be:

Do Falcon Wing Doors negatively affect sales?


Do Falcon Wing Doors dissuade you from buying Model X?


Do you hate Falcon Wing Doors to the degree that you would not buy Model X?

Since you are purchasing MX because it has Falcon Wing Doors then that means you don't agree that Falcon Wing Doors harm sales figures. That means you are pro-sales, not anti-sales.

The poll is set up so we can simply get 2 results: 1) pro-sales 2) anti-sales.

Since the pro-sales choice is not clear enough, I revised it as:

I will buy a Tesla Model X because 1) It has Falcon Wing Doors OR 2) because of other reasons.

Thanks for the feedback.

jdb | 2 octobre 2015

Thanks. For once in my life my comments made difference. Have cast my vote. Think falcon wing doors are beyond cool. Predict within 5 years every auto manufacturers will have at least one model with them.

Mel. | 2 octobre 2015

jdb, +1

Kimscar | 2 octobre 2015

I love the Falcon Wing Doors. Time will say how practical they are

eric.zucker | 2 octobre 2015

I would buy the Model X irrespective of Falcon Wing doors. However I am very enthusiastic about them and would be very disappointed not to have them.

Not convinced by the wording of the poll options , I answered that I want FWD.

oragne lovre | 2 octobre 2015

A resounding YES from me.