Poor Service Experience (Web and Menlo Park)

Poor Service Experience (Web and Menlo Park)

I'm sad to say this has been a pretty poor service experience so far and I haven't even brought the car in yet. There were a few random little things wrong which I figured I'd take care of during regular service (wind noise on passenger side, key fob issues, a noisy AC fan, rear mirrors not tilting when in reverse) but then a tiny crack developed in the windshield from a tiny rock impact and the crack started spreading rapidly. So, I got to the website and find the nearest service center (Menlo Park) and request that they call me. *crickets* I finally call them and they didn't even know the "Call Me Back" existed on the website.

So, I'm expecting this awesome service that Elon keeps claiming-- they'll pick up the car, give me a loaner, return it when its fixed. Well, no. I can get the windshield fixed in 6 days (and need to leave it overnight). I drive it to them during their business hours. They also indicate that I'll pay for it but given the large number of complains about the windshields, I intend to argue this one since this seems like a defect rather than random bad luck (again, tiny impact-- large fast splitting crack). Anyway, they can't deal with the rest of the issues (and the service bulletins) so I have a second appointment to deal with that (this time I get to drive to Burlingame since they're moving from Menlo Park). Again, I drive to them. None of the service I keep reading about.

Don't get me wrong-- I think this is a great car and I really am a Tesla fan and I'm even okay with a few minor little things going wrong. I'm disappointed I'm getting less than world-class service, but I'm also disappointed that Tesla isn't providing it because I honestly believe they want to. They just need to figure out how to do it.

MonkeyLice | 3 juillet 2013

Oh, and the Tesla Loaner thing is a "maybe" at this point. The service person said I'd likely get an Enterprise rent-a-car.

jcb | 3 juillet 2013

Confession: I am the other owner of monkeylice's car. The part he omitted is the part where I contacted them a WEEK ago about the fan and was assured they would call me back. Provided home and cell numbers. What they finally did is email my husband back because try as we might (both high tech professionals), we cannot get the website to recognize both of us as owners of this car. And all the email resulted in is a week's worth of follow-up emails and I still have a noisy fan in my $105K car and no one even willing to look at it. To say I am frustrated and disappointed is to understate the case considerably.

jcb | 3 juillet 2013

And the great service to fix the fan is not for three weeks. So five weeks from original report of the problem. I love my car but this is not acceptable.

negarholger | 3 juillet 2013

Pebble in the windshield is owners problem - get over it.

cloroxbb | 5 juillet 2013

I wish people would realize that life is never 100% perfect. The Model S and the servicing of Model S, is in its infancy. It will take time.

Poor experiences DO HAPPEN, but Model S isn't the only car in the world to have problems, no matter how much they cost.

Just be patient, and things will work out.

EvaP | 6 juillet 2013

Problem is, one disgruntled customer can spread the "bad" news. I would deal with their problem instead of telling them to suck it up.

Bubba2000 | 6 juillet 2013

Tesla is a auto company that is just getting started, with limited resources. All this using cutting edge battery tech, electronics, Al/Alloy structure, in a brand new factory. Still they won top Consumer Reports award. They are trying to deploy a nationwide supercharger network along with sales and service centers. All this while fighting the NADA blood sucking leeches. Yes, Tesla will have problems.

Folks who want pampered service need to a gas hogg hi end car from GM, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Lexus, Infinity, etc. There are a few good dealers. Sign up for extended warranty and hi end service contracts... just pay up.

I am getting an 85P/pano loaded with extended warranty and ranger service. Still I expect to have issues, but it should be fun.

Other than that, quit whining! Or trolling!

EvaP | 9 juillet 2013

I think that somebody should tell Elon about this. This is not a troll attacking Tesla's reputation, but an actual customer with a less than good experience. He/she gave us the exact location where the incident occurred, so it would be easy for the management to check up on it and have a talk with the people who were negligent.

I think, Tesla should give the best training to its people to make sure customers' experiences won't go sour.

If he hasn't thought of it yet, he should start a serious training course, with exams and all.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to contact Elon, otherwise I would tell him so in person. If somebody here has contact to him, please make sure he knows about these cases.

Having said that, it must be hard to do everything right at once. There will be bad apples among the employees, but let's hope Tesla will get rid of them.

panfireman | 9 juillet 2013

What about the Valet Service? Is that something they don't offer anymore? | 10 juillet 2013

We don't do anyone any favors by making excuses for Tesla or labeling everyone that posts something negative here a troll.

Regardless of whether the cracked windshield is a warranty issue or not, how things get handled by the company is something that is important, especially for a young company that is trying to build a reputation. Tesla needs to know where things are breaking down so they can fix them.

If the company is going to successfully compete against the incumbent ICE vendors, then they need to be able to move beyond the visionaries and early adopters (who are willing to put up with the bumps and lumps) and appeal to the mainstream Lexus or Honda buyer, who is not going to give the company any slack.

Personally, I do not expect things to be perfect, but I am betting $100K that Elon and his management team will do the right thing. As owners, our piece of this is to not gloss over stuff, but make sure the company knows about whats working and what can be done better.


J.T. | 10 juillet 2013

The question is which service experience is the one Tesla wants to give its customers?

There was the "I'm through with Tesla" thread where the guy was turned around by the exemplary service and communication he received when his delivery went more than awry and then there's this one. Which one is the aberration?

These people could not get a promised phone call back or a proper service appointment. Many people on this forum have had windshield replacements under warranty.

What is wrong with you people? You're like those parents of misbehaving little urchins who always think it must have been the other kid causing the problems.

Tesla employs people. People screw up and disappoint. Pointing that out is not blasphemous.

Howard2013 | 29 juillet 2013

I would like the couple who own the car to get in touch. I agree that on a car of the price of the MODEL S any lack of customer service standards is beyond the pale.

I believe there are three main reasons for this problem.

1. Far too many young staff and too many young people in charge
who are the product of both a lousy education system and an
insane consumerist culture that is all about the "me".
2. Along with too much non-essential tech in the car that is a turn-off for plenty of people the other aspect of TESLA that is
too much like APPLE and the IT industry is arrogance of IT people who believe that the customer is always wrong and nothing has anything to do with the brand. Try getting the likes of Western Digital to repair a damaged USB socket on a drive that is otherwise working and full of important files. The IT mentality is the exact opposite of say the HiFi AV mentality.
3. If TESLA does not address both its lack off the production QC now the production numbers are up and increasing and if they do not create a social culture of courtesy and customer service they are the ones who will destroy themselves. The TESLA Press person does not even return PRESS enquiry phone calls or emails...a number of people have informed me of this from their first hand enquiries.

I believe the GEN III could destroy the ICE Dinosaur system and change the world. But I also believe that the current robot personality, spoilt brats of underage employee ranks at TESLA who have no sense of mature responsibility of customer service ethos could very well destroy TESLA.

Howard2013 | 29 juillet 2013

Another forum that does not allow people to edit, correct or improve what they have written. What is so difficult about an edit function some sites provide this ?

blisSfullee | 29 juillet 2013

Not to diminish their problem--but my experience with the San Rafael California Service Center was great. I drove in--but was given a brand new P85+ with only 45 miles on it as a loaner for the two days they needed the car. They fixed a small squeak when the AC shut off and moisture under the back-up light on schedule. I drove the brand new loaner back and picked up my perfect car.

Brian H | 29 juillet 2013

Jerome Guillen has his work cut out.

Windshields that cracked spontaneously were replaced. Those hit by rocks were not -- but a stressed windshield that breaks or cracks on minor impacts is a safety risk, IMO.