Premium sound system upgrade?

Premium sound system upgrade?

Currently finalizing my Model X order...have people been getting the sound system upgrade? Why or why not? Has anyone had experience with a similar upgrade in a Model S? Thanks!

bobby | 9 janvier 2016

I got the upgrade because I consider myself a bit of an audiophile. But then again, in the past year or two, I listen to less and less music and more sports radio podcasts. Also, I haven't heard the two systems to compare. So, basically I ordered on faith....

NumberOne | 9 janvier 2016

I elected not to get the Ultra Hi Fi Audio. The standard system has 9 slightly smaller speakers, so there are fewer speakers and no subwoofer. I find that most of the music I would be listening to does not require additional bass, and I will not be competing with engine noise, although my current ICE is relatively well insulated.

I asked a DS at my local SC and the difference in the Model S was illustrated by either turning the subwoofer on or off. I cannot imagine why the standard system on the Model X should be inferior to this (The sound produced without the subwoofer). While I could hear the difference with popular music, it is not what I usually listen to. I also generally listen at low volume to protect my hearing.

The premium audio system for the X was developed in house and has more speakers (17 vs 9 on std.) and a more powerful subwoofer. The speakers use neodymium magnets, although I cannot see why neodymium magnets could not be used on the standard speakers as it is not all that expensive. In the end it is a personal choice.

Tâm | 9 janvier 2016


Please see the reference below:

If you want loudness, standard system is audibly plentiful.

Standard system is good enough for mid-range sound like telephone, AM radio, audio-books...

However, music is more than just audible. With a more expensive system, you can feel it. With a subwoofer, it generates low frequency vibration that even the deaf can "feel" the music.

If you want to experience the whole spectrum of music, from crystally clear cymbals to rumbling bass, you should pay more for your the more powerful system.

If you can afford it, you should get it. Once you got it and you don't like your clothes, seats... vibrating with the beat of music, you can adjust the equalizer so it can sound as cheap as an AM quality sound.

jimvan | 9 janvier 2016

It is my impression that Sirius XM is enabled with the premium sound system. Is it enabled in the standard system? Thanks for any info you have.

Tâm | 9 janvier 2016


According to the link posted above,

XM CAPABLE is for Ultra High Fidelity Sound option only.

Notice, "capable" is not the same as "enabled."

It is capable so you can hear an XM repeated ad message on how to pay a subscription in order to Enable its contents.

With standard sound, you don't have XM capable and you can't hear an ad on how to pay for XM subscription fee.

eric.zucker | 10 janvier 2016

Which music formats can be played back? If I load some FLAC's on a USB stick?

Just wondering.

Tâm | 10 janvier 2016


Please refer to "Music Formats":

Yes, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is what I use in my current S.

aljjr2 | 10 janvier 2016

There is no "enabled" XM. Tesla does not enable for 6 months or a year as some manufacturers. They merely supply the capable XM receiver. With the receiver number, the owner can pick a subscription and order through XM.

I ordered the Ultra-HI FI. I thought having a better sound system would be more pleasing to my ear. Some of the research indicated Tesla had the Ultra Hi-Fi system tailored to the Model X interior which is "key" for sound in a car. I have no interest in XM, but wanted the sub-woofer and the upgraded speakers.

It is purely individual -- some people hear sounds better than others or have differing musical requirements.

tomgibson9 | 10 janvier 2016

I went with the standard sound system for two main reasons. 1) I went to the local Tesla store and listened to both standard and premium sound on the S and the standard was fine for me. 2) The size of the sub woofer took up a good amount of room in the trunk of the S. Not sure where it will be on the X but I assume that it too will take up a lot of room.

elguapo | 10 janvier 2016

Lots of good points here. I did not get this because I just think it's overpriced and as cool as I think I am, I don't need my car vibrating at stop lights, etc. I consider myself an audiophile and I have the regular system in the S. It does lack strong bass and the highs aren't as clear, but my standards for an upgraded system are high and I don't love the upgraded one in the S.

It's like the premium upgrade. Totally subjective. Some people think it is overpriced, others do not.

On XM, I can't imagine why I'd pay for XM with Slacker Premium and Bluetooth connection to my phone. As others noted, Slacker is free, XM is not.

shive | 10 janvier 2016

as a model S and X owner, I thought I would chime in and let you know that the stereo upgrade in the X is a million times better than the ultra option in my S. The clarity is on par if not better than the B&O system I had in my previous Q7. I can't comment on XM I use either my iPhone or Slacker entirely.

ernie | 10 janvier 2016

@elguapo...I have heard the same about Slacker when I test drove the newer S Model P90D. I upgraded because I just wanted it. Sounds like the reasoning of a typical 3 year old! I plead guilty and oh, my wife just got a new MB and she upgraded...want to keep up with her!

oragne lovre | 10 janvier 2016


Do you happen to have Amazon Prime Music app installed in your iPhone? If you do, I wonder if you can stream the music to the X audio system.

shive | 10 janvier 2016

I don't use that app but I can certainly install it and try. I don't see why it wouldn't work. Anything that is streamable on the Model S should also be doable on the X.

carlk | 10 janvier 2016

I used to only listen to radio in the car so I got the standard audio in my S. As a bit of audiophile with a very good audio system in the living room there's no point to listen to music in a loud car. I regretted it when I found out that I started to listen to music in the S because of slacker/USB and the quite cabin. I ordered, and I had to order, the audio upgrade for my X. It's a little like insane/ludicrous I know I would regret it if I didn't. As for if I can feel the differences? I'm very sure I would.

BTW if anyone did not know it yet you can select a higher quality internet audio in the set up screen which does make a lot of difference.

carlk | 10 janvier 2016


I ordered the Ultra-HI FI. I thought having a better sound system would be more pleasing to my ear. Some of the research indicated Tesla had the Ultra Hi-Fi system tailored to the Model X interior which is "key" for sound in a car.

That would be a great thing if true. The key is always to faithfully reproduce what audio engineers intended for you to hear. There are a lot of aids for people to set up a good home system to take account of room acoustics and listening position. There is a great advantage if it's done right in the car environment.

A cheaper system that could not reproduce a flat spectrum would try to emphasize certain part of frequency to fool you, for example what Bose is good at doing, but you will feel annoyed once you hear the real thing. A small woofer, for example, would never be able to give you the clean bass no matter how much power boost you give it. Doing that will only make it worse but that's what people are forced to do. So if you really enjoy good music or think you will be enjoy them I think the investment is worth it. One does spend a lot of time in the car.

jimvan | 10 janvier 2016

Thanks for the info on XM and the premium sound upgrade. You have given me lots to think about. I appreciate it.

oragne lovre | 10 janvier 2016

Another benefit of getting the premium, as Tam points out, is to get better mid-range sound that usually comes from audio-books. Learning foreign languages by listening, which I do quite often, and listening to lossless streamed music should become much more enjoyable with a combination of a quieter Tesla cabin and an upgraded sound system.
For those who are concerned about safe driving while listening to or speaking with others, Auto Pilot is there for use.

rbucich | 10 janvier 2016

We have standard on an S and for the vast majority of people this will suffice. It is pretty darn good for most situations but lacks deep base. Not disappointed but then again our commutes are short and frequently have kids in the car.

Sometimes I wish it had a little extra...but not so much that I would have paid the extra $$$.
We're getting premium on the X because it's a Sig. Curious to compare the two, suspect the S will feel inadequate but c'est la vie.

vperl | 10 janvier 2016

Auto pilot, is great to learn knitting.

NumberOne | 10 janvier 2016

If the cost was less, because of already getting the Premium Upgrades package, I would seriously consider it, but while I like having a great audio system in the car a good one will have to do. I too often have my kids in the car with me, and do not get to listen to much of anything anyway.

jpboyerva | 10 janvier 2016

Ordered last week with most of the upgrade stuff but not the sound system. We at in a model s with premium sound and then without and for me the extra cost was for something we wouldn't hear. We are 68 and won't be cranking it up with lots of base and that seems to be what you get. I used the money to get the winter package figuring I didn't want to clean that large window without some help during a snow storm.

Shopaholic | 12 janvier 2016

Unless one can demo the two systems side by side with a variety of FLAC, there is no way to say if the premium sound is worth the upgrade or not. The acoustics in S vs X is apples and oranges, given the extensive glass dome!

thevangoghs | 12 janvier 2016

I was wondering about the sound systems as well...
If anyone has/gets the non-upgraded systems, I'd love to do a side by side comparison on the X
PM me...

Triggerplz | 12 janvier 2016

Since I'm paying $10.000 just to go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds instead of 3.8 seconds I cant justify not paying $2500 for the sound system

scottsk | 12 janvier 2016

@triggerpls I can relate...I wasn't sure about the sound system and it was the only checkbox left that hadn't been checked. It looked lonely so I checked it.

Triggerplz | 12 janvier 2016

@Scottsk LOL good move :)

clublon | 12 janvier 2016

Triggerpls, I can't decide on stereo and ludicrous. For the 10,000 do you get anyting else with .6 seconds 0-60 speed increase? I understand the rear emblem has a line under the P90D. Resale enhancement? What factors helped you to decide on ludicrous Though I intend to keep for some time. As to the stereo, I like the sound but don't listen to the radio enough to justify the cost.

Triggerplz | 12 janvier 2016

@clublon The only thing u get is the screen does something that looks like fireworks when it goes into ludicrous , I'm kinda like Scottsk once I started checking boxes I checked everything. In my state the MX is tax exempt so I'm saving over $10.000 so I got everything I didn't want to wait until later and wish I got it.. Plus when I hit this Billion and half powerball tonight it will be all good :)

Jonathan | 13 janvier 2016

I passed on the upgraded stereo system. I am sure it is amazing but I am expecting the standard system to be pretty darn good. My wife will be driving it and she mainly listens to Stern on XM. She has the app on her phone and should be able to bluetooth it through the stereo. If I win the Powerball tonight, I will be able to afford the $500 to change my configuration!

carlk | 13 janvier 2016

@Triggerplz @scottsk Yes trying to figure out whether to spend that $2,500 when you are already spending north of $140K would do nothing but to make your brain hurt.

@Jonathan If I win the powerball tonight I'll pay for the upgrade for everyone who has posted on this thread.

Jonathan | 13 janvier 2016

@carlk I'll take it! Hell if I win, I might buy everyone an M X! Please note I said "might".

ian | 14 janvier 2016

So, which one of you Californians won the Powerball? ;-)

Ludicrous and Premium Stereos for everyone! Haha!

vperl | 14 janvier 2016

Those that opt out, have a eight track player and a box of tapes.

75$ plus shipping

oragne lovre | 18 janvier 2016

Thanks for providing the link for preliminary X premium sound setting.

It doesn't seem that X premium sound package only adds more bass. According to Tesla specs, more tweeters are added along with upgraded subwoofer.

Remnant | 18 janvier 2016

@ carlk (January 13, 2016)

<< Yes trying to figure out whether to spend that $2,500 when you are already spending north of $140K would do nothing but to make your brain hurt. >>

Yet, it's pretty darn cheap for an audiophile level system, if that's the case.

You want to listen to it, then compare it to an acknowledged audiophile system, such as the Lexus' Levinson.

At any rate, you can find and get installed a nice collection os aftermarket car sound systems, if you can't make up your mind right now.

rdainer | 20 mars 2016

just talked with my delivery specialist....he said the people in the back got a better music experience with the added speakers, and if you listened to both systems it was easy to tell the difference, so I sucked up the change fee and added it. On a fun note it turns out that i had mere hours left to add it before my order locked and the car was queued up for production!!!

NumberOne | 20 mars 2016

I am always going to be sitting in the front, so the benefits to those behind me is less important. I also went back and forth about it and nearly made the change but decided not to do it in the end. It seems silly considering the total cost of the car, but since I will not be financing, it will be money in my pocket. When you finance it really does not make all that much sense not to get it, because the cost is amortized over 60 months.

rdainer | 20 mars 2016

@leonardD - thanks - I am planning on financing (the rates are so low!) and I justified it to myself because my kids sit in the back and love their tunes :) So I feel like a good mommy :)

carlk | 20 mars 2016


Don't blame you for that decision. Whenever you feel you could have a better audio just use some of the money to buy yourself a nice piece of prime steak and bottle of good wine and you will forget it for at least that day.

William9 | 21 mars 2016

What it the current cost to subscribe to the Satellite system? And what satellite provider?

Triggerplz | 21 mars 2016

@william Sirius XM should start you off with a free trial period then it's $200 a year but at the end of the trail period u if tell them that's too much and you want to cancel they will offer it for $100 a year or $50 for 6 months.. A friend who doesn't listen to Sirius cancelled after the trial period now they offering him 6 months for $25.00

vperl | 21 mars 2016

Trigger, that was my experience also, plus about four times a year they give you two weeks free as a way to get you to get back with the service.

I listen then go away.....

vperl | 22 mars 2016

Trigger, oats or barley?

Redmiata98 | 27 mars 2016

I had the premium sound in my P+85S and now have it in my X. The difference in the sound quality is VERY noticeable in the X. So in hindsight, I would not get it for the S but would for the X.

Brian Vicars | 28 mars 2016

I have the upgrade audio "included" in the price of my SigX, now... where do I play my 120 cassette tapes & 50 CDs?. I've got over 30 hours of music I recorded off the radio back in the '70s which is all 50ies & 60ies.

aesculus | 28 mars 2016

You have to copy them all to a USB Thumb drive. Get rippen. Use FLAC if you want the best quality.

snlnk | 28 mars 2016

@brianvicars, I think you're SOL on the tapes. You can burn your CDs to music files on your computer in a lossless format such as FLAC or AIFF and transfer those files to a thumb drive to play on the X's music player.

loganboyd | 28 mars 2016

Does the car's USB port read the audio files Metadata to determine Artist, Album, Track name, etc? Does it also use folder hierarchy? Do you just dump all your files onto the root of the thumb drive and let the car's audio system figure it all out?

rdainer | 28 mars 2016

@redmiata how do you know it's noticeable in the X? Have you heard the X without it?